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Bobcats versus Hawks Breakdown

Well, the Bobcats lost… again. It was closer and they were missing Gerald Wallace and Jared Dudley, so it is not too surprising that they came up short. Some quick points from the game.

1. A different starting 5 played not so well together. Ryan Hollins, Emeka, , Jason Richardson, and Raymond Felton started again, but in place of Gerald Wallace (out with a sore knee), Adam Morrison rounded out the first five. They were not as successful in this lineup, but it was not an abject failure either. The offense struggled with only 24 points on 26 possessions (0.92 per poss), and gave up a slightly high 30 on 27 possessions (1.11 per). The main culprit – turnovers: Unlike the Orlando game, the starting five committed more than they forced, 8 to 6. Kudos to Ammo and Ryan Hollins, as they combined for only 1 for the game (and showing where the fault for this lies, with the other 3).

2. Jeff McInnis did a better job leading the team. McInnis actually had a negative plus/minus for the night at -3. However, that was because he was only the floor for more defensive possessions than offensive – his efficiencies were actually very good, with the offense scoring 1.15 points per possession while he was on the floor and giving up only 1.0.

3. Walter also bounced back. The man of the flowing hair had his shot flowing last night – hitting 4 of 5 from the floor for 9 points, and grabbed 6 rebounds as well, in 22 minutes on the floor.

4. The overall team defense improved – but it still was not good. The Bobcats gave up 109 points, on 47.1% shooting. They did force a respectable 20 turnovers. The killer was that Atlanta went to the free throw line 48 times. It was a true team effort, as almost every lineup the Bobcats used gave up more 0.5 fta per fga.

5. Adam Morrison had another good night offensively. Ammo put up 20 points on 14 attempts (making 9), and hitting 2 of 2 at the line. He even chipped in other ways, with 5 rebounds and 2 assists. For the game, when Adam was on the court, the Bobcats scored 1.16 points per possession – a nice turnaround from last season. Let's hope it continues.

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