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Larry Brown's Bobcats – Still 0-fer

The Bobcats were 28 points (margin wise) better than last time – and still lost by double digits. Another game, another loss for the Bobcats, falling 94-84 to the Magic today. Enough intro, time for the high points (not to be confused with highlights, which have been few and far between):

Sean May was decent! 11 points and 6 rebounds in 22 minutes of work. And the defense was better with him on the floor than off (100 points per 100 to 106). Yay, May.
Ammo celebrated. With news that his option was getting picked up, Adam had a solid game (and bested his college rival JJ) with 8 points on 4 attempts, with 2 assists to boot in 13+ minutes. Oh, and the team actually won while he played, going +2 during that time. Congrats, Adam.
Point guards cannot shoot. Raymond and DJ continued to misfire, combining to shoot 3 of 17. Also, Raymond was back to his shot happy ways of last season, with 10 attempts, which was good/bad for second most on the team (he did outshoot DJ 2 of 10 to 1 of 7, so he was not the worst offender).
The starters… are getting destroyed. For the preseason, they are at -46.5 points per 100 possessions. And, no, that is not a typo. In their 6 minutes and 21 seconds together today, that number was -112.9. Again, not a typo. They were outscored by 12 on 11.5 possesions (12 offensive, 11 defensive). Not a good start for the starters.

Wrap up: Repeat after me: It is still the preseason. It is still the preseason. That is getting tougher to fall back on, but at least there were a couple of good signs mixed in with the bad today.

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