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Bobcats and Phoenix Recap, Preseason 08-09

I am not continuing with the “Larry Brown's 0-# Bobcats” titles, mainly because it is getting depressing. If I keep focusing on that, I will not even make it to the regular season with hope left (and I doubt I do muching for your fan psyche either). So, I am going with the more generic title from now on, as a psychological ploy.

The Bobcats obviously lost again – or why else for all the dramatics with title changes, etc.
Good news: It was a close loss, 111-108 to Phoenix.
Bad news: Steve Nash did not even play, so the Bobcats lost to the Suns with Goran Dragic at the point (expectations, outside of Phoenix, are low for him at this point).
Good news: The Bobcats defense was very solid, allowing only 100 points per 100 possessions.
Bad news: Well, the offense is still struggling, since they lost despite good defense.
Good news: Ammo played well – 12 points on 6 attempts (4-6 fga, 2-2 on 3s, 2-2 fta). Chipped in 2 rebounds and 2 assists for good measure. Not bad at all for 18 minutes of work.
Bad news: D.J shot poorly – 4 of 20 from the floor, poorly.Bad, bad news: Raymond was awful. 5 turnovers on the 14 possessions that he used. Only 2 assists. 6 fouls. And the offense sputtered horribly with him on the floor (unsurprisingly, with those numbers), scoring only 73.6 points per 100 possessions with him on the court – over the course of 28 minutes and 51 seconds. Wow.
Cheer up: It is only pre-season. Right?

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