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Bobcats vs Nets Recap – By The Numbers

Charlotte Bobcats vs New Jersey Nets – 11/02/2009 – Boxscore
Bobcats vs Nets Recap

Some numbers for your perusal:
45.5 – The Bobcats' offensive efficiency in the 1st quarter, scoring 10 points on 22 possessions.

101.5 – Charlotte's offensive efficiency the rest of the way, with 69 points on 68 possessions. That still is not good, but at least it would only be bad, not historically bad.

19 – Turnovers is too many in such a slow game. Two players had turnovers on more than 1/4th of their possessions used – Raymond Felton with 6 turnovers in 22 possessions and Raja Bell with 3 in 11.

24 turnovers for the Nets is just outstanding defensive work by the Bobcats. The Bobcats had a couple of players with turnovers on a quarter of their possessions – the Nets as a team had turnovers on more than a quarter of their possessions, with 24 turns in 90 possessions making for a 26.7% turnover rate. Outstanding.

6.7% – The Bobcats went 1 of 15 on threes last night for a mark of 6.7%. For the season, they are shooting 17.9% on threes – but there is reason for hope, as they were middle of the pack last season at 15th, shooting 36.6%. Once some of their open looks start falling, the offense will start looking better.

12 assists on 24 makes, just a 50% assist rate. The team finished last season at over 60%, among the league leaders. Again, making open jumpers will help.

Current season stats:
Offensive efficiency: 85.5 (30th)
Defensive efficiency: 92.8 (2nd)
Turnover Rate: 17.7 (29th)
Forced Turnover Rate: 18.4 (1st)
Offensive Rebound Rate: 30.8 (5th)
Defensive Rebound Rate: 79.8 (1st)

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