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It feels like the first time…

That the Bobcats have ever been 2-0. And that is because it is. For a while there in the fourth quarter, it looked like they might give away the game, but they held on at the end. And how did they do it? One very interesting thing to start with:
1. They won…despite being outplayed. Miami actually scored more efficiently than the Bobcats – 1.035 points per possession to 1.033 for the Bobcats. But the Bobcats made use of a handful of extra possessions (they ended most quarters with the ball) to take the victory.
2. They won…despite the starting 5 losing. They were outscored by 5 – but they underscores how bad they were. They had a couple of more possessions than their Heat counterparts, so this hides the efficiency discrepancy – an adjusted +/- of -0.23. That is a large number and was due to 1 thing – Turning the ball over 4 more times than the Heat. Both teams shot right around 50% with the starting 5 on the floor, but the Heat had more shot opportunities due to the turnovers. Primoz and Gerald each had 3 for the game, Jason and Raymond 5 a piece. Emeka was the only one of the 5 to not give up the ball any on the night.
3. They won…because of the 2 point guard lineup? It is true – the group of Ray, Jeff, Jason, Gerald, and Emeka basically reversed the work done by the starters (despite comprising 4/5's of that group) – outscoring the Heat by 5, with an adjusted +/- of +0.23. The key again? Turnovers – this time, the Bocats' 5 was +4 in that category.
4. They won…despite Jason Ricardson's big night. What? Despite how well Jason shot from the floor (10 of 16 overall, 6 of 11 from 3, but only 3 of 5 on freebies), he was actually not a positive for the team tonight. The offensive efficiency was only 1.04 – a bit lower than would be expected with someone putting up 29 points on 16 shots. That is due to his turnovers – 5 on the evening, negating a large chunk of his other contributions. The Heat scored at 1.10 ppp with him on the court. With all that said, I am still glad he is on the team and I am sure that he will calm down soon – for his career, he has a very solid turnover rate of 9.4%.
5. They won again…because of the defense of Ryan Hollins. Yes, really. When Ryan was on the floor (albeit it was only briefly, 7 minutes and 39 seconds), the Heat scored at 0.62 ppp. Why? Well, rebounding was a big part of it. When he was on the floor, the Heat grabbed 2 offensive rebounds out of 10 chances (20%, but when he was off, 20 of 72 (28%). Shocking? Not really, unless you think Primoz is a great rebounder (and if you do, stop, because he is not).
6. They won again…because of the Queen City Hoops Greatest Lineup Ever of… well, see item 3. In a game this close, it goes to the group of Ray, Jeff, Jason, Gerald, and Emeka, who won their 15 minutes and 59 seconds of action, and led the team to the win. I guess I should start keeping a tally of who is only the QCHGLE each game. Duly noted.
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