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Bobcats vs Knicks Recap

Boxscore of Bobcats vs Knicks – 12/15/2009
Score: 94-87 Charlotte
Charlotte Bobcats record: 10-13
Offensive Efficiency: 97.9
Defensive Efficiency: 90.6
Meritorious Player: Gerald Wallace 21 points, 8 rebounds, 5 assists, 4 steals, +10

That was fun. Larry Brown called his team dead in the water before a 28 point fourth quarter which included a 15-2 go ahead run put an end to New York's four game win streak. Gerald Wallace continues to spoil Bobcats fans with his performance, he's our MP of the Bobcats first quarter, and tonight his numbers were just as strong. Boris Diaw came alive in the fourth quarter with several key offensive rebounds, we'll see if that kind of performance continues.

We saw a little of the old Raymond Felton tonight you, remember the high turnover guard type. Five miscues for Felton despite his +7 rating, but he was big when it mattered most with some beautiful drives that ended in clutch layups, the in-and-out crossover on Larry Hughes being the best.

I wasn't going to say this s soon but I think he finally gets it. The ball isn't magically finding a way back in his hands when the shot clock is running down instead when he doesn't have an initial look he's passing it on. The only thing that concerns me about Felton is that his solid play combined with DJ Augustin's slump (or whatever it is) will cause the organization to overpay him this summer. It's Felton's fifth season and he's finally posting an average PER of 14.91. His defense remains strong and he's a great leader but at best he's still an average starting point guard in this league, and the two most important words in this sentence is 'at best.'

Felton definitely needs other playmakers around him to stay in his lane and out of the way of the offense so even though you'd like to admonish Stephen Jackson for his five turnovers and 24 points on 22 shots, fans need to be thankful that Jackson is keeping Felton from a night like this.

And finally was I the only one that thought it was odd to see Eddy Curry and Augustin out there? Despite all the weight he's lost Curry just isn't a good fit in D'Antoni's system and with the Knicks playing Hughes as their back-up point guard Flip Murray is a better matchup than DJ. Still they both played and each stunk up the joint, Augustin had an 11 trillion while at least Curry did block a shot and got to the free throw line while posting a minus-six in just six minutes of play. But after reading articles like this the trade conspiracy theorist comes out and has you wondering, Brown has always liked Curry because he's part of a dying breed of true low post scorers in the league and Augustin's shooting ability can be Nash-like when he's on. Thank goodness it seems like Michael Jordan is standing up to Brown's trading itch after DJ's rough start but if Augustin keeps delivering zeros in the boxscore it won't be easy for Jordan to turn a deaf ear to his coach.

The Indiana Pacers rested up tonight and are waiting on Charlotte tomorrow but you won't hear any complaints here. Despite all the back-to-backs the Bobcats schedule home/road balance throughout the season allows fans to stay excited about this 10-13 team, who where 7-16 at this time last year. On to Indy, where we'll be watching and writing.

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