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Bobcats vs Raptors Recap

Score: 107-103 Toronto
Charlotte Bobcats record: 12-18
Offensive Efficiency: 112.0
Defensive Efficiency: 112.6
Meritorious Player: Stephen Jackson 30 pts, 5 rebs, 7 turnovers???, +2

This recap will be about one thing and that's turnovers, Charlotte had 23 miscues and Toronto scored 33 points off of those mistakes and it just has to frustrate you watching the Bobcats walk away with empty trip after empty trip. We've been over it before around here this Bobcat team isn't going to be great shakes offensively they don't have enough shot creators or makers even with Jackson, but shooting your offense in the foot like this is not acceptable.

Toronto is by no means a solid defensive team, although you can tell they have improved since the Bobcats last meeting, Jose Calderon being out has to help, and most of these errors are ‘I thought you were going to zig instead of zag' or ‘why did you pass the ball to me in the hands? That's the wrong place to try and pass me the ball' types. Speaking of that last point I'm befuddled that Stephen Jackson's stat sheet read seven turnovers and DeSagana Diop and Derrick Brown each had at least one Jackson pass that hit them firmly in the hands and then immediately bounced out of bounds, the Toronto stat guy must really hate Jackson. By the way Diop and Brown weren't credited with a single turnover.

The Bobcats shot well from everywhere but three-point range, where Jackson may want to ease up on the threes ten is a little too many for a guy shooting 28 percent on the season, if Charlotte found a way to get a shot up on just five of those lost possessions I wound be recapping a win right now. An offensive efficiency of 112 is nothing to sneeze and as for the other side of the ball, well it's hard to get stops when you can't set-up up your halfcourt defense because the other team has a fast break in one out of every four possessions.

The road remains a tough dog to tame for these Bobcats and it doesn't get any easier with a weekend back to back in Miami and Cleveland. We'll be watching and writing.

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