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Gerald Wallace – 08-09 Season Review

The numbers have no surprises in store for us with Gerald Wallace – he was very good this year. At the 3 or as a small-ball 4, Crash got it done for the Bobcats.

While the efficiency numbers for Gerald at power forward are not great, do remember that -0.9 is actually better than the team's overall mark for the year of -1.2.

I was wrong earlier – one surprise: Defensively, players at small forward scored more often against Gerald than normal – relative to 100 team points. However, they shot almost 2 points lower in doing it, so teams were attacking Gerald while decreasing the efficiency of their offense? Good plan.

Here are his offensive numbers as well:

Why the rush? So I could get to the net:

Gerald destroyed as a power forward – making me think the team's somewhat struggles had more to do with other positions on the floor at the same time…like 2 six-footers in the backcourt, maybe?

Final thought: Just go through these as a reminder of what Gerald contributes. Lock down D, strong rebounding, and solid offensive game (when he does not settle for too many jumpers – like LeBron did tonight in leading the Cavs to a loss in Orlando – I do not even cheer for the Cavs and I was frustrated by their offense).

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