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Reactions to the Jackson Trade

UPDATE: James weighs in over at ProBasketballNews.com: Captain Jack is no savior

There is no consensus on the Stephen Jackson trade, with those for and against popping up around the internet. To help form your opinion/expectations, here is a rundown of some of them:

NBA Today: 11/16 Podcast from ESPN – Ryen Russillo hosts and J.A. Adande joins him, both against the trade. I have a brief cameo towards the end, echoing some of their points (I was not privy to their thoughts prior to my own comments), and sounding like I had just finished a lunch with Don Nelson – I assure you, I was sober, but trying to remain measured in my frustration.

Henry Abbot says crazier things have worked:

It's a reach, but if some combination of Brown's coaching and Jackson's urge to prove that he still matters can get Jackson back into the defensive mindset, the Bobcats could suddenly become relevant in the Eastern playoff picture. When he played that kind of defense two years ago, the Warriors went from winning one of seven games while he was out, and then won nine out ten upon his return, on their way to a 48-win season.

That kind of season in the modern East would be more than enough to make the playoffs, and could come close to justifying Jackson's considerable contract.

Kelly Dwyer thinks it is for the best, but not in a good way:

Would you look at this! A deal in which everyone involved deserves what they get…Jackson begged for, hoped for, demanded and welcomed this hell. This Bobcat hell. And this tells you all you need to know about Stephen Jackson, and everything you need to understand about Don Nelson.

Such a deal.

David Arnott of Rufus on Fire looks at the flip side – as in the Bobcats flipping Jax onto a contender like he had been pleading for previously.

Bonnell passes on Larry Brown's thoughts on coaching Jackson: “After six years with Allen (Iverson in Philadelphia), I don't look at anybody as a challenge. (Jackson) wants to play and he's a competitor. Guys like that you can make work in your locker room.”

John Hollinger thinks the Warriors should have gotten more but still does not like the deal for the Bobcats:

As for Charlotte, this deal is questionable on their part, too. The Bobcats were desperate for offense, so this trade makes sense on that front, but it appears to be a short-sighted maneuver.

Final note: I ran the trade through the ESPN trade tool and it makes it look like a bad deal for both teams. The Bobcats are projected to lose 1 win, the Warriors 4 – however, I imagine the Bobcats drop may be due to Jackson being listed as a SF in the tool, therefore it may have taken minutes from Gerald Wallace in the projection. Here are the results for those curious (click to enlarge):

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