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Moving On

There's no easy way to say it but this is my last official entry on Queen City Hoops as I've accepted a position with the Bobcats Radio Network as a Halftime and Post-game host. I appreciate Brett giving me the opportunity to fill up a few pages with my musings on this team and the NBA no matter how elementary my arguments may be compared to the Pythagorean records, efficiency stats, and plus minus numbers that make his case. (seriously dude almost convinced me that Allen Iverson should be a Bobcat).

I still believe that some of the best basketball analysis is occurring on blogs and was more than privileged to share the same web page with a professional like Brett who is really doing some groundbreaking work with his statistical breakdown of the game. As best I can I'll try to bring that deeper analysis to the radio broadcast, in small doses at the very least. And when I can't articulate it I'll have Brett do it himself as I expect to have him on as a halftime guest a time or two.

Thanks again for letting me have your ear over the past season, it was a fun playoff year and here's hoping for more.

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