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The JordanCats

Any chance we get a name change out of this? I still think the Charlotte Flight would be pretty cool. But that's not important right now, but this is: The Bobcats have a new owner and his name is Robert Paulson Michael Jordan. I do not know who officially broke the story, so I will link to Bonnell: Michael Jordan buys the Charlotte Bobcats. Scroll down to the comments and you see that Jordan still has a lot going against – namely the large percentage of the population who were against public funds being used for the new uptown arena (and then some who seem to have an issue with an African-American owner). Can Jordan win those people over, people who maintained their frustration for going on 8 years? Maybe, maybe not – but he would be hard-pressed to do worse than Bob Johnson. Consider the personal interaction story presented over at Bobcats Baseline: Charlotte Bobcats MJ Basketball Holdings, LLC – scroll down to “The Ballad of Bob and Jerry”. Describing Johnson as borderline autistic, one of the biggest Bobcats fans on the internets, ASChin, did not let the encounter sour him on the Cats – but some people would. Jordan needs to be the charismatic center of attention for the franchise and win some fans back to his side. Currently, his position as “Important person who does stuff with basketball decisions” (or something like that) is kind of a running joke for Bill Simmons and other writers, who like to point out how infrequently MJ actually seems to be in Charlotte actually working. Changing that perception would be a good first step (or making light of it may work, depending on the level of self-deprecating humor you are willing to accept from the G.O.A.T).

With that said, I am excited – the Bobcats needed a fresh start. Just 6 years in, yes, but the fact remains that it has been a bumpy 6 years – tacked on to an acrimonious breakup with the former darlings the Hornets. Now, to celebrate the ownership change, the team just needs to battle its way into the playoffs and get the new administration off to a good start.

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