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Juwan Howard – 08-09 Season Review

One of the fouling-est players in the NBA: Juwan Howard. Whoever Juwan was guarding made it to the line nearly 33% more often than their average numbers. Juwan averaged 6.2 fouls per 40 minutes as a Bobcat, good for 20th in the league (among players with 400+ minutes). For all the talk about good fouls and making them earn it – well, fouling that often makes it tough to put up a good defensive efficiency number, as Juwan's numbers show.

Aside from the strain his slow feet put on the defense, Juwan was not much on the other end of the court. A decent field goal percentage was countered by his low free throw rate for a big man. On top of that, he rebounds like a small forward.

Higgins and Jordan, if you are listening: Please do not resign Juwan. Give his minutes to Alexis (or any other young big man who has a glimmer of promise). They may foul just as much, but at least there is a promise of potential there.

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