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I am a link manager

If the title does not make sense to you, you are probably new, so here's a bone: The Start of the Link Manager. For everyone, else onto the links.

Up first – The case is made for Gerald as an All-Star – and the comparison is made to…Kevin Garnett, the Big Ticket. Unfortunately, I do not see it happening, but at least the Bobcats are getting closer to being represented in the mid-season “classic”.

More Gerald – Debating Gerald at the 4 – Not an actual blog post or article, this is a link to some back and forth on BobcatsPlanet about how the Bobcats fare with Crash at the power forward position. I put some time and research into my responses on there, so for anyone who does not frequent the boards, you should still check some of the info out. And, let me say, that sometimes I feel like there must have been cavemen who were opposed to fire, just because people seem so set against innovation and progress sometimes.

Throwing some Nazr at you – Wages of Wins praises Nazr – Dave Berri takes a look at Nazr since coming to Charlotte and is quite impressed. I do feel a little funny posting this on a night when Emeka had a huge game (21 and 16, with 4 blocks), but I thought it was worth passing along.

And finally, because watching Andres Nocioni play like a punk all night frustrated me, a youtube “tribute” to his shenanigans:

Are there many things more embarrassing than getting dunked on by Kwame Brown? No, but one would be getting dunked on by Kwame Brown and called for the foul (which he deserved, as he was setup inside the semi-circle – justice for the notorious flopper).
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