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What is a link? Plenty of one kind here

If this were Jeopardy, there are a lot of answers that could cause the answer “What is a link?” Some of those answers are:
– A cylindrical piece of breakfast meat, made of sausage
– A young Hylian boy, on a quest to request the Princess Zelda

– The means of connection between objects
– A reference to a web document
It is this last type of link that I have some of for you (though I hope I have encouraged any gamers to dust off their old N64's and crank up a Zelda game)

Festivus time! Not quite sure what that is, but it sounds like a party. The link is in fact to a preview of the Southeast Division that is entertaining and informative (while festivus apparently comes from a non-denominational holiday celebrated on the tv show Seinfeld – thanks Google. No, I was not a big Seinfeld fan, but I do know “No soup for you”).

-From festivus to…a carnival (not the kind with dangerous rides and bad food, but the kind that provides links to lots of different information on a topic. In this case, the NBA). Compared to a carnival of links, this is more along the lines of a petting zoo, or maybe even the pound.

-In researching the post yesterday on Matt Carroll, I wanted confirmation of something: His nickname. A skinny white kid nicknamed “The Hammer”? I wanted someone to blame if it was all a joke. And here is my cover – StreetballBlog.com has put together a fairly comprehensive list of some of the better known (and some not so well known) nicknames of NBA players', past and present. While we're on it, a couple of thoughts: “The Baby Maker” is a great fake nickname for Shawn Kemp (but “Fat Albert” wouldn't have been far off either, by the end of his playing days). And I have to ask, does anyone actually call Tony Parker, “TP”? I know he's French, but someone would have told him, right? And I'm sick of the first initial, first syllable of the last name trend – I lost count of the number of those on the page, and they're almost all current players (something else to blame A-Rod for?).

Another type of link I should have included? Thoughts on the ones provided? Click, click.