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A couple of links:

(Insider)Hollinger sees the Bobcats at 12th in the conference, winning just 29 games. Some of the concerns are real, as offense is a concern, though I think Flip's addition at the last second may slightly alter the outlook. My real question: What does Hollinger project from Tyson this season? With the bulk of his projections coming from PER, I wonder how much the drop he predicts for the Bobcats stems from Tyson's PER of 13 last season (and Emeka's 18). Because, prior to an injured season last year, Tyson had put up numbers over 17 for consecutive seasons. Just curious – so, when Hollinger does his player previews, I will be heading to Tyson's first.

All Larry Brown wanted for Christmas was a backup power forward – Apparently , Larry Brown would have liked for the Bobcats to sign Drew Gooden, or Antonio McDyess, or any of the decent power forward options on the market this summer…and he did a little passive-aggressive venting. I'm on Brown's side on this one, the Bobcats do need another power forward, in part because Larry's crush on Ajinca must not have lasted long past last year's draft. Which takes us to the next one…

Larry did not enjoy his trip to France, and it was all Alexis Ajinca's fault. Bonnell reports that Brown was not impressed with how Alexis handled himself at the French National Team tryouts.

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