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I am a link manager…

people are afraid of me.

With that out of the way – I think that this will be the title for link posts from now on (I actually considered buying a Dodge Stratus for my last car, just for the chance to say “I drive a Dodge Stratus. People are afraid of me” – Sanity prevailed). On to the links:

Bobcats Den lists what he will be looking for during the preseason. Personally, I would include watching Ammo, to see if his confidence was back, but this is not a bad list to start with.

And Marc Jackson crosses the Atlantic, leaving the NBA (and the Bobcats) behind. Tom Ziller relays the news that Jackson is one less player available for the Bobcats to sign, in an effort to fill the void left by Sean May.

Another Ziller link: In this, he looks at the impact of the loss of May, and pushes for minutes for Herrmann. I certainly agree with that, as I previously stated in my post for BobcatsPlanet.com the other.

Yet another reason to get Insider access on ESPN.com – John Hollinger's preseason expectations…of every player in the league. This link takes you to the index of the Bobcats and here is a snippet from his breakdown of Walter:

One thing is for certain — he's going to play a lot more than 49 games this year. Herrmann showed himself to be one of the team's best options at the 3 and the 4, and will either break into the starting lineup or be one of the team's top reserves this year.

You owe it to yourself as a fan to read all of his work, so bite the bullet and sign up.

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