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I am a link manager

Since you can never have enough previews – We Rite Goode rounded up select members of the blogosphere to participate in a preview. One part – fantasy. One part – reality. And yes, you may recognize the name of the Bobcats' blogger.

And here is the social experiment they were pulling on all the bloggers who participated. I know that is 3 links to the same site, but I think it is a really cool idea and worth reading.

Here is a scout's take on the Milwaukee Bucks in preparation for the home opener tonight – from SI.com. Good news – they are not good at guarding anyone. Bad news – they can really shoot.

And here is the same type deal on the Bobcats. Not sure I agree with it all, but still probably worth perusing.

Before I sign off, quick thoughts on the matchup against the Bucks:
-The Bucks are at full strength tonight, something that did not happen for them against us last year. In particular, Andrew Bogut was only available for two of the 4 games last year. When he was on the floor, the Cats scored at 1.04 per per poss and gave up 1.12 ppp.
-Overall, the Cats were at 1.11 ppp and 1.03 ppp surrendered against the Male Deer last year. So, trying to get Bogut in foul trouble looks to be important. Too bad Primoz is starting at center and will be unlikely to take advantage. Once Bogut is out, his main backup is Dan Gadzuric – who is more defensive minded, but makes Ryan Hollins look like David Robinson on offense.
-As mentioned in the link to the scout talking about the Bucks, they do not defend well. Last year, they were second worst in the league in defensive efficiency. Unfortunately, offense is not the strength of the Cats.
-Both teams do a good job of taking care of the ball and forcing turnovers. Charlotte was 11th best in the league at not turning it over, and 6th best in forcing turns, while Milwaukee was at 14th and 7th. Whoever controls this category tonight will have a pronounced advantage as it will negate a strength of the opposition.
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