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MJ's not here

From UsaToday article “Where Jordan: Bobcats waiting for pieces to be assembled“:

A Jordan assistant sent an e-mail to a USA TODAY reporter explaining, “With his travel schedule, and the holiday season upon us, I don't expect he will be back (in Charlotte) before December,” meaning he would miss at least the next seven home games.

It looks like things are back to normal, and Jordan is returning to the shadows (or Chicago, anyway). Which means…

A new t-shirt! I was about to make this one at the start of the season, but MJ had seemingly made it irrelevant. Well, no longer – and without further ado:

Credit Air Bobcat with the slogan – he submitted it way back when (for the tagline contest that nothing ever came of – a refresher Tagline Contest). Now, it is on a t-shirt, available at the “store” (the link is up top). I do not make a commission on the t-shirts, so do not think I am trying to line my pockets – no, I am in it for the free advertising. Just kidding (kind of) – it is about having some fun while continuing to support the team in a subversive manner. Go Bobcats.

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