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Bloggers pick MVP and ROY – Round 10

It does not happen often…but this post will have nothing to do with the Bobcats (unfortunately, Jared Dudley did not manage to get a single vote for Rookie of the year). Today, Queen City Hoops is hosting the rotating “Blogger MVP/ROY Ranking – Round 10”. For those unfamiliar, here are the ground rules: Bloggers submit their top 10 MVP candidates, and top 5 ROY candidates. Points are then awarded on a sliding scale – 1st place vote = 10 points, 2nd place = 9 points,…, 10th place = 1 point for MVP balloting, and for the rooks, 1st place = 5 points and so on.

20 blogs took part in this round (including this one) – here are those intrepid reporters of the interweb (by order of when I received their votes):
David & Lee (Dream Shake)
Ryne (Odenized)
Adam (RaptorsHQ)
Spartacus (3 Shades of Blue)
College Wolf (TWolves Blog)
Matt and Corndogg (Hardwood Paroxysm)
David (20 Second Timeout)
Brian & Andrew (Empty the Bench)
Ben Q. Rock (Third Quarter Collapse)
Don (With Malice)
Ryan (HoopsAddict)
Green 17 & Steve W. (Celtics Blog)
Alex (BrewHoop)
Tom (Sactown Royalty)
Pradamaster (Bullets Forever)
Seth (Posting and Toasting)
Josh (Dinosty)
Jeramey (The Bratwurst)

That seems enough of an intro, so let us get to it – to the results (5th place first, culminating in the big reveal at the end):

Rookie of the Year

Also Receiving Points

Jamario Moon, 18; Glen Davis, 5; Joakim Noah, 4; Carl Landry, 2; Juan Carlos Navarro, 2; Aaron Gray, 1; Yi Jianlian, 1

5. Thaddeus Young (20 points, 9 votes)

On track to be Pennsylvania's most famous “Thaddeus” since Rep. Stevens (1792-1868); may not have as cool a nickname (“The dictator of the house”)

No coincidence that when Young started getting major minutes, the 76ers suddenly found themselves in the middle of a playoff push.

4. Al Thornton (24 points, 13 votes)

Because of his age (24), I'm *not* going to put the ceiling much higher for this guy. He'll replace Maggette well, though.
– Ryne(Odenized)

He looks like a future 20 ppg scorer.

(I am more in the first camp – age matters.)

3. Luis Scola (51 points, 18 votes – 1 1st)

Steadily producing points and rebounds on a playoff-bound team.
-Ben Q. Rock(3rd Quarter Collapse)

(Leads well into the following question…)

Again I ask — why did the Spurs give him up for practically nothing?
-Spartacus (3 Shades of Blue)

2. Al Horford (86 points, 20 votes – 9 1st)

(The first quote for Scola would fit nicely here, as well – granted it is the East – no need to worry, aptly captured in the following:)

Like Scola, he's producing for a playoff-bound team. It just happens to be not nearly as good.
-Ben Q. Rock(3rd Quarter Collapse)

1. Kevin Durant (86 points, 20 votes – 10 1st)

(I gave Durant solo billing in the top spot due to his higher number of 1st place votes…and the fact that he just finished dropping 37, 9, and 8 in a win over Denver)
Look, we're not going to reward Durant until he starts shooting better. I'm sorry, we just ca….what? He's shooting better? Really? Crap. Stupid “Having to hold up our end of the bargain…”
-Hardwood Paroxysm

Pretty solid rookie class, and even more so when you consider that the number 1 pick is only playing pickup games right now. I would have loved to put a vote down for Jared at the bottom of my list, but could not do it – too many other guys were deserving, as seen by all the talent in the “Other receiving votes” category. But, enough with the pre-game, on to the real reason you are here:

Most Valuable Player

Also Receiving Points

Deron Williams, 30; Chauncey Billups, 23; Tracy McGrady, 15; Baron Davis, 14; Carlos Boozer, 8; Chris Bosh, 8; Rasheed Wallace, 3; Brandon Roy, 2; Paul Pierce, 2; Al Jefferson, 1; Allen Iverson, 1; Andrew Bogut, 1; Antawn Jamison, 1; Caron Butler, 1; Chris Kaman, 1; Shaquille O'Neal, 1; Kevin McHale/Chris Wallace, 1;

10. Dirk Nowitzki (33 points, 9 votes)

In many ways, I almost feel that he’s more of an MVP candidate this year than last. Without him, the Mavs look a mess and all year he’s carried a Dallas team that’s looked like a shell of its former self.

9. Amare Stoudemire (37 points, 9 votes)

Having a great year, but the MVP can't…be MVP-caliber only for 25 games.

Is it possible that he is more important to the success of the Suns than Nash? He’s been averaging 30 points and 10 boards over the past ten games. Amare: 1, Microfracture Surgery: 0.
-College Wolf (TWolvesBlog)

8. Manu Ginobili (40 points, 10 votes)

Versatile, talented, committed on defense, surprisingly quick. Possibly the best player in the game at annoying other team's fans. That's got to count for something, right?
-Matt & The Corndogg(Hardwood Paroxysm)

7. Tim Duncan (45 points, 11 votes)

The most consistent player on the most consistently good team for the past 10 seasons. He may be boring, but amazingly effective as well.
-College Wolf(TWolvesBlog)

Often overlooked since his two MVP seasons, Duncan has the Spurs in contention for the best record in the West.
-David(20 Second Timeout)

6. Steve Nash (60 points, 14 votes)

STAT is starting to get the pub, but Nash has been the rock for the Suns all season.
-Green 17(CelticsBlog)

His shooting percentages this season are insane: .515 fg%, .483 3 pt fg%, .899 ft%
-David(20 Second Timeout)

5. Dwight Howard (104 points, 19 votes)

In a league where the big man appeared to be going extinct, Dwight Howard has revitalized the center position and become the most dominant low-post player in the NBA. His game isn’t perfect, but his defense is much improved and there may not be a more difficult player to man up with in the post.
-Brian & Andrew(Empty The Bench)

Incredibly good for someone still learning how to play basketball.

4. Kevin Garnett (150 points, 20 votes – 1st)

Has really changed the thought process at Boston, but – what? – you want to award a guy the MVP for getting the other Celtics to play the way they're supposed to?
-Don(With Malice)

Anytime you can turn a team featuring Ray Allen and Paul Pierce into the top defensive unit in the league, and one of the best in history, you deserve credit.

(So, the answer seems to be…yes? I think I might agree.)

3. LeBron James (155 points, 20 votes – 1 1st)

His better keeps getting better.

Even though the Cavs have been just ok this year, without Lebron they’d be at the top of the Michael Beasley hunt. With Lebron, they’re still that team that no one wants to play in the playoffs.

2. Kobe Bryant (172 points, 20 votes – 5 1st)

Still the best player in the NBA

But most important, he’s the leader of a legit title contender, a world-class defender and there’s nobody we’d rather have on the floor on offense in crunch time.
-Brian & Andrew (Empty the Bench)

1. Chris Paul (191 points, 20 votes – 13 1st)

Leads the league in assists and steals, and the ultra-competitive Western Conference in the most important category: wins. CP3 is the epitome of what a Most Valuable Player should be.
-Spartacus(3 Shades of Blue)

From good to great sent his team from irrelevant to amazing.

After an early season strangle hold on the “award”, LeBron is getting very close to not even being in the top 3. Are we taking him for granted already? Just kidding – winning matters – and I would say that the right 3 are at the top, order to be determined over these last few games. It has been an amazing season, and whoever takes the award home this year will be able to say that they won it in one of the toughest fields of all time (so I hear anyway – being a child of the 80s, I can only have so much world perspective). With that, I am out.

If you are curious how the voting has gone throughout the season, here are the previous iterations:

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