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Praise for Crash

Ryan McNeill over at Hoops Addict has put together a piece on the soul of the Bobcats, Gerald Wallace. As people are reminded of at every Bobcats home game when some season ticket holder gets to tell the crowd who their favorite player is, Crash is a fan favorite and with good reason. Ryan puts pen to paper (or keyboard to monitor?) and tries to capture some of what makes that so:

Wallace's Energy Provides Charlotte With Spark – “In an era where players are trying to make their careers last as possible, Wallace serves as a breath of fresh air because he wants to enjoy every moment that he's on the court.

Career longevity be damned.”

After the disappointing loss to the Pacers Saturday night, this is a perfect piece to remind everyone why they are supporting the Bobcats (or why they should be). Do your thing, Gerald.

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