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Random Grouping of Links and a Widget

With actual NBA action starting this week, I have been accumulating a handful of odds and ends that I needed to pass along. I will take this day between games as a chance to propagate the knowledge contained within.

Bloggers Power Rankings – Since the mob can have a cumulative intelligence greater than the individuals, Ryan at Hornets247.com called up (figuratively) a broad group of NBA blogs and asked them to rank the squads. The Bobcats are 26 in the inaugural edition, but I have a feeling that number could drop after the opener.

Submit your favorite dunk, maybe get closer to being able to recreate it yourself – Ryan (a different one) at HoopsAddict is requesting people submit their favorite dunks for consideration…and a prize. Whoever has their entry selected will receive a dvd and vertical jump trainer – giving you the chance to relive Stark's dunk on the all of the Bulls. Try to find a Bobcats highlight for consideration, as watching Crash sky or J-Rich bring the thunder will be more encouraging than rewatching last night's game.

http://www.wikio.com – I was contacted by Wikio this past week, offering their service as another way for people to subscribe to my content. If you are a user, here is the link, and I will try to add it with the other subscribe options soon.

Last up, the Schmap widget – I had this posted on the site for a while last year, and I think it got removed when I redesigned. They are back again this year, and if you have a thing for widgets, this could be for you:

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