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Raymond Felton – 08-09 Season Review

Ok, I am going to start this out by saying I cannot explain it. Near the middle of the season, I did this post: Massive Midseason Musings on Bobcats Guards. At that point, Ray was competent defensively, but D.J. had better defensive numbers. However, when I ran the end of season numbers for Ray, things had changed…a lot. Just how much? Now, my numbers show him having held his man (when playing the point) to a -3.56 PER mark compared to his opponents' average stats. That is huge. What changed? Like I said, I cannot explain it, other than that the team as a whole was defending better as the season progressed, and I guess Ray was more of that improvement than anticipated. I give up – just look at the numbers for yourself (and be glad the Bobcats extended the qualifying offer to him today).
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Offensively, Ray needs to be at the point (and the team needs him there). I know that is a problem, since D.J. shows some much offensive promise. But just look at how much better Ray performs when acting as the point (meaning D.J. is not even on the court) compared to the 2.

Unsurprisingly, Ray comes out ahead in Net Performance at the 1 and no where else. After looking at the other 2 charts, there should not have been any doubt.

One thing to remember when looking at the team's efficiencies with Ray on the court: They were a very bad team prior to the Diaw and Bell trade. That did not entirely change because of the trade, it was also due to the increasing familiarity with how Larry Brown wanted them to play. Due to those early season struggles (and the high percentage of available minutes Ray played during them), his season long efficiency numbers are not good. Just wanted to make that caveat and I hope it can help explain these numbers and why they do not seem to match up with Ray's individual performance.

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