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Stocking up on Ammo

Considering I started this blog with a post that details why drafting Adam Morrison was a horrible decision for the Bobcats, you might expect that I am going to do something similar with the title of this post. But, if you made that assumption, you'd be mistaken. I know that I was tough on him in that post (for those who are new, click here to read it), but I want to give Bobcats fans reasons to be optimistic for the coming season: So, I bring you evidence of the potential of Adam Morrison.
I can think of no better place to start than with the game in Minnesota last season that Ammo won almost single-handedly: In the second half of that game, Adam scored 26 points on 10 of 14 from the floor – This included a stretch where he scored 8 straight points for the team and another where he scored 13 straight, taking the game from 88-84 Minnesota to 97-90 Charlotte. I remember watching that game on tv and thinking that it was going to be another loss, and then, while watching Morrison lead the charge, get so excited that I yelled to my wife to come see what Morrison was doing (she did, but only to placate me).
I have not been able to find youtube of that game, however, and, unlike Kelly Dwyer, I don't record every game of the season. But, I did find some youtube clips of Ammo, and I present them for your viewing pleasure now:This first clip is awesome just from the intro where Morrison runs through a list of acceptable nicknames. Hearing him refer to himself as “the Tall Ninja”: Too awesome to describe. (Be warned: the song used in the soundtrack would have a parental advisory, as there are some vulgarities, so for readers with sensitive ears, turn the sound off once Adam stops talking).

This clip is of Morrison hitting a circus shot at the end of a quarter, just some fun viewing.

To be reminded of what Morrison is capable of, here is a clip of his explosion for 37 in a half against Loyola Marymount from his junior year of college (it's not an exclusively Ammo clip, but it is close):

Additionally, I'll bring up Adam's performance in summer league play just a couple of months ago (for full details and my summer league review, click here). In the 2 games Ammo took part in, he averaged 15.5 points per game, on 47.1% shooting from the floor…and 17 free throw attempts to go with his 17 field goal attempts. While that is not a sustainable ratio, it would indicate that Adam was being more aggressive with the ball and that would be an improvement over the contested jumpers he took too often last year.

I may not fear the 'stache, but I am intrigued and hopeful that Ammo can contribute more in the season ahead.
What do you think Ammo might do this year? Click here and tell us.