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Celebrating 1 Year of the TrueHoop Network

The TrueHoop Network has been together for a year now and you know what that means: A top ten list! Ok, there are probably several other equally valid answers – but this is what you get. Henry and Kevin have put together a list of the top 10 posts from around the network on TrueHoop and I strongly encourage you to use the rest of your afternoon to churn through them all: The Top Ten of the TrueHoop Network's First Year. One of my personal favorites on the list is 3 Shades of Blue's interview with Michael Heisley of the Grizzlies – for one thing, it has a lot of interesting stuff right from the horse's mouth…and for another, it is a peer blog of mine getting access to the horse's mouth. Things like that have made this year an exciting one for me and I hope the network is providing a value for you (and I am working on better taking advantage of the talent that surrounds me). Time to see what year 2 will hold.

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