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Time to Vote

It is time to exercise your patriotic duty and vote. Not for anything important like public officials, though, only for the tagline to be use here on Queen City Hoops. The winner of the popular vote (but subject to veto – I do not want to be stuck with one I just do not like) will receive a t-shirt with the QCH logo and tagline on it (and be at the top of the list for any prizes that may come available going forward, as a more suitable reward). Voting will be open for something like 2 weeks (or as long as it takes to get more say 20 votes – from unique users – I will not block multiple votes from the same user, I just will not count them – So, if you want to ballot stuff, you will need to use multiple machines, or at least get a new ip assigned to you). To vote, just add a comment. Here are the options:

1. Standard Deviations and Slam Dunks

2. Giving Bobcats Fans the Royal Treatment

3. You won't find MJ here either

4. Simmering in our own Self-Importance

5. Where new math results in real facts

6. Hey, they're better than the Panthers

7. Geek, no longer sheik

8. Cal-cu-lus for the Restovus

9. Basketball for Dummies

10. Statistically speaking

11. Where Bobcat fans go to SCHOOL their opponents

12. We Voted YES for the Arena

13. Where the 'Cats Get Their Stats

14. 'Cats, Stats, and Silly Hats

15. Home of the B BCats (Still Looking for the O)

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