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The Bobcats Against the Best of the NBA

With the season fast approaching, I decided to take another look back at last season – but could not decide where to look. 20,000+ entries in my tables but what to focus on? Well, I decided to follow the crowd and look at Kobe…sort of. Hearing his name over and over, as well as the constant articles on the new “Big 3” in Boston, made me think of all the big names in the league. And I wondered, how did the Bobcats do against them? Now that I have lineup against lineup breakdowns, I can find out how the Bobcats did against particular players, instead of just particular teams – so, I am using that to see how the Bobcats fared against the players on last season's All-NBA teams. Should be interesting (I hope).

No great shock – but the Bobcats lost. Here are the efficiency numbers for our Charlotte hoopsters against any lineup that featured a member of one of the 3 All-NBA teams.

Cats Points Cats Poss Off Eff Opp Points Opp Poss Def Eff Adjusted +/-
2536 2515 1.01 2753 2523 1.09 -0.08

The adjusted +/- put up by the team would lead to a loss of a little over 7 points, in a game played at the team's average pace last year. Neither of the efficiency numbers is much off the team averages, but they are both off in the “wrong” direction – scoring was down slightly and the defense allowed the opponents to score a little more often. Again, this would be expected against the best of the best.

Well, how about a breakdown of how they fared against the guards and the bigs? Does one favor the Bobcats slightly? Let us take a look…

Against All-NBA… Cats Points Cats Poss Off Eff Opp Points Opp Poss Def Eff Adjusted +/-
Guards 1207 1164 1.04 1293 1179 1.10 -0.06
Bigs 1452 1475 0.98 1601 1469 1.09 -0.11

So, the team struggled against the really good players? Who doesn&#39t (Rhetorical question: But answered? The really good teams)? But how about when we compare out best to their best? What do these numbers look like when Gerald and Emeka were out there, defending the honor of the proud Bobcat?

Against All-NBA… Cats Points Cats Poss Off Eff Opp Points Opp Poss Def Eff Adjusted +/-
Whatevers 1450 1480 0.98 1566 1473 1.06 -0.08
Guards 762 754 1.01 812 755 1.075 -0.065
Bigs 737 784 0.94 816 775 1.05 -0.11

Not much different – I was a little surprised by this result and I honestly do not know what to make of it. It is too late at night for me to drill down any further, but I may come back and look at some of the individual All-NBA'ers in the coming days.
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