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Trading For Sheed?

Ok, I have put off linking to this article until I had made my mind up about it. But, seeing how it is approaching a week since it was posted, here it is: Chad Ford comes up with Trades for Detroit. #4 on his possible trades list? Charlotte, with Detroit receiving Gerald Wallace, Sean May, Adam Morrison and the 9th pick for Rasheed Wallace and Tayshaun Prince. Some of Chad's thoughts on the trade:

This deal would reunite Brown with two of his favorite players from his run with the Pistons. Put Raymond Felton, Jason Richardson and a re-signed Emeka Okafor on the floor with Prince and Rasheed Wallace and you're looking at a playoff team in the East. The deal also would give the Bobcats some future cap flexibility should they want to make more additions down the road…As for Morrison and May? They both look like draft busts right now … but their contracts expire at the end of the season.

Here are few thoughts on this potential deal:
1. The Bobcats get older: Tayshaun is two years older than Gerald, and Rasheed at 33, would easily be the oldest Bobcat (assuming the team does not pick Othella's option for next year).
2. The Bobcats gain some cap space…if Rasheed is only in Charlotte one year. While Tayshaun makes the same money as Gerald this coming season, it will tilt in Tay's favor over the next couple of years. So, for the Cats to get any cap relief from the deal, they would have to let Rasheed walk after this season (unless he was willing to take a drastic pay cut…yeah, right, remember his “CTC” quote?).
3. The Bobcats get better defensively. Rasheed and Tayshaun are both very good defensive players – Gerald is solid, not as good as we Bobcats like to think after his 2 blocks/2 steals per game a couple of seasons ago. Adam, Sean, and the 9th pick? No, no, and who knows.
4. And worse offensively. While Tayshaun is limited by the communist concepts of the Detroit offense (everyone is equal, now that Ben Wallace is gone), Gerald is a more dynamic scorer…assuming he stops shooting so many threes next year. Rasheed's offensive game is getting more and more perimeter based (he took over twice as many threes as Prince), leading to fewer free throw attempts and a lower effective field goal percentage. As for the rest of the players involved in the trade? Adam was drafted for his offense, remains to be seen whether that will pan out. Sean is solid low post scorer, when healthy. The draft pick? Who knows.

Final tally? The Bobcats give up the best player in the deal, get older, possibly rent one of the players for a year, while giving up 3 lottery picks in the process. Hmm…I have made my mind up on this trade now: No thanks. While it would likely improve the Bobcats this season, it does not make them legitimate title contenders. I would rather the Bobcats be the ones to let Adam and Sean walk away after the season if they do not pan out, than have it happen on another team (or worse, they get traded and actually contribute). I will keep our question marks, Chad Ford, and Detroit can keep their exclamation point, in Rasheed (what kind of punctuation would Tayshaun be?).
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