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Please, please, please: Get Tyrus

Let me get this straight – the Bobcats can give the Chicago Bulls Ronald Murray, Acie Law, and a future first round pick in exchange for Tyrus Thomas – one of the guys they should have taken instead of Adam Morrison a few years ago? Where do I click the “submit” button? The Bobcats get depth at the 4 (and a still very intriguing talent in Tyrus) while also making room to get Gerald Henderson some more minutes. Oh, and with Thomas being a potential restricted free-agent, the Bobcats would have first dibs on signing him to a multi-year deal, if he can actually make nice with Larry Brown. I like it, I like it a lot. Yes, the Bobcats will have to give up a first-rounder – but with one already on the way out for the Ajinca trade, the soonest the second of those two picks gets shipped off is in 2 years (3 drafts from now) since teams can't trade picks in consecutive seasons.

Expendable guards on a team with several competent ones replaced with a backup power forward who is nearly the polar opposite of the Bobcats starter, Boris Diaw…except for the fact that Tyrus plays some pretty solid defense as well. I plugged Tyrus into the swap tool for Boris (not because I want him to start – but it would be nice if he could help lower Diaw's minutes a bit) – and it thinks he helps, a good bit. Though he is not an efficient scorer, he has a similar mark as Diaw, but he does use more possessions, taking some burden off teammates – plus he grabs offensive rebounds just ever so slightly more often. Defensively – his numbers are beastly, despite how often team's go at him – he has a very high usage against number of 23.1 (over 2 higher than Diaw), but he surrenders a very strong 19.5 points on those possessions. Interesting (read that while stroking your chin to get the proper mindset).

Bonnell reports it as pending: Law, Murray, and a 1st for Thomas? but his commenters are giving him grief so maybe this is a done deal?

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