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Handful of updates

First update: I did another post over at Bobcats Planet. Click here to check it out. I break down how the Bobcats played last season with Walter, Gerald, and Emeka on the court at the sametime. I will just say they did well enough to not assume this season is lost because May is done.

Second: Here are the current entries for the TagLine Contest (click here to enter):

John – Queen City Hoops: Giving Bobcats fans the royal treatment

Air Bobcat – Queen City Hoops: You won't find MJ here either

Ken – Queen City Hoops: Simmering in our own self-importance

Cinderella – Queen City Hoops: Where new math results in real facts!

Garrett – Queen City Hoops: Hey, they're better than the Panthers

Despite my tendency towards self-deprecation, I do not think I will go so far as to select Ken's response. That leaves four submitted taglines so far – I would like to have a couple more before putting this up to a vote. This is me throwing down the guantlet – enter your ideas.

Third: I was just scanning all my bookmarked basketball references and saw that Rick Bonnell made a very similar point to what I mentioned in my post on BCP: Read it here – 'Guard-forward-center' labels often don't fit. And yes, I really did read it after I wrote my post. I have already learned it is better to write before reading, that way I do not recycle from others, even subconsciously.

Fourth and finally: The division preview is coming soon, I am still waiting to get the entries from a couple of the other bloggers. If nothing else, by the end of the week, I will submit my thoughts and do a follow-up with the others' posts at a later date.
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