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Ziller On Point/Combo Guards

I know I have been slacking – but when all the Bobcats managed in the past month was to fire Sam Vincent, hire Larry Brown, and drop a spot in the draft from 8th to 9th – what was I supposed to write about? (If in doubt, re-read, but think “sarcasm” throughout). With that said…

Tom Ziller wrote something near and dear to me: Ballad for the Combo Guard. Read it – I am not asking, I am telling. When done, return, and skip down for a couple of my thoughts.

Glad you made it back, just a couple of things I want to make note of:
-Point guards are limited in creating assists by who they are passing to. Easiest example, albeit from the college ranks: Greg Paulus – as a freshman, averaged 5.2 assists per game while passing to J.J. Redick and Shelden Williams. As a sophomore, with those two All-Americans gone, 3.8 assists per game, in nearly identical minutes.
-All assists are not created equally. Hitting an open teammate for a 3-point attempt is far different from creating a layup/dunk opportunity. Yet, that count the same in the box score. This is something Paulus benefited from in playing with Redick, and something that helped Steve Nash post big numbers in Phoenix the last few years.
-Felton is a perfect blend of passing/shooting? I have to admit I was shocked to see Felton right in the middle of the chart. Another interesting note about Felton: Despite adding another (the first?) option to the offense in Jason Richardson, Felton's assist rate barely moved this year – at 32.4% after 32.0% a season ago.

After reading the post, those were the first thoughts to pop in my mind. Not sure what value they hold, but I thought I would pass them along. And I promise it will not be another month before I post again.
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