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A Link to the Bobcats: 11/10/2013

First up – Kemba Walker joins Henry Abbott at TrueHoop to talk about Coach Clifford, Bismack Biyombo, and more. (if the video embed doesn’t work – TrueHoop TV – Kemba Walker)

I had heard a few rumblings during the preseason – but people aren’t really throwing in the towel on MKG already, right? Well, over at HP, MKG’s defense against Melo in the Bobcats’ win last week served as a reminder that this kid is going to be good.

Even in preseason, fans seemed in favor of starting Jeffery Taylor – the 31st overall pick in the same draft – ahead of MKG.
But on Tuesday night, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist showed exactly why that shouldn’t happen.
This wasn’t a breakout game in the scoring column, nor did he go nuts and flirt with a 5×5, but Kidd-Gilchrist’s defense down the stretch on Carmelo Anthony was a joy to watch and proved just how valuable he is to this young Bobcats squad.
-Scott Rafferty over at HardwoodParoxysm- The Night Michael Kidd-Gilchrist Showed Us What Could Be

An interesting look at Gerald Henderson’s first quarter against the Raptors – numbers and screenshots galore:

Sometimes, player’s just get hot.
Whether you believe in the hot hand or not (for the record, despite being a ‘stats guy,’ I actually do believe in this phenomenon), probability just suggests that, given enough field goal attempts, every player will occasionally go on a nice little run.
On Wednesday night, Gerald Henderson went 6-of-8 in the first quarter against the Raptors.
-Blake Murphy at Raptors Republic – Gerald Henderson Illustrates a Problem for the Raptors

And let’s hope Bismack has thick skin – no one wants to give him the ball.

Now that the NBA’s new SportVU site has launched, armchair morons like you and me can avail themselves of all kinds of wonky stats—how often Marc Gasol touches the ball on the elbow, say, or how many of his rebounds Dwight Howard actually has to fight for. But leave that for the professionals. What we want to know is this: Which NBA player is the kid to whom no one will pass the ball? Here, we find a definitive answer.
-Kyle Wagner at Deadspin – The NBA Players No One Will Pass To