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About Brett:

This post talks a bit about me: Blame Paul Shirley for this blog. Basically, I am a sports fan and a computer nerd, so I combined the two, and started this website.

Not good enough? Ok, here is a bit more. I chose to blog about the Bobcats because of Toastmasters, the public speaking club. What? Well, through my job I had joined Toastmasters (as I do not really enjoy speaking in front of people) and I had to do a speech that convinced people of something. I wanted to convince the listeners that the Bobcats made a mistake in drafting Adam Morrison (that speech was crafted into the first post on this site, The Bobcats Blunder), but in researching the speech, I ran into an issue: There was little on the internet devoted to the Bobcats. Because of my extensive writing background as a computer programmer (read: sarcasm), I decided I should attempt to fill the void, leading to the creation of QueenCityHoops.

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About Spencer:

In short, sports is basically my life and always has been. I grew up in Statesville, NC and regularly attended Charlotte Hornets and Carolina Panthers games, so the roots run deep for the Queen City. I graduated from Wingate University in 2010 with a BS in Sport Management and am currently in school working on my Master’s degree in Sport Psychology. Never have seen myself doing anything else except being involved in the sporting industry in some fashion. Just past January marked my inception into the world of blogging as I started my own blog called Queen City Sports Crave (www.queencitysportscrave.blogspot.com).

In February of 2011 I approached Brett Hainline about helping out with QCHoops and was lucky enough for him to give me an opportunity to come on board. I have been hooked ever since and look forward to helping out QCHoops in the future.
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Email: swpercy(at)wingate(dot)edu

About Mathew:

A little background on myself: I graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in finance in 2008 and have been working in banking the past three years. Given my background, a majority of my posts will likely focus on topics such as over/under value & performance of players, roster composition/salary cap management, and uncovering trends based on advanced statistics. Although I’ll for the most part take an advanced statistical approach to making arguments, I’ve grown up playing the game (along with football and baseball) so I have a pretty good grasp on the X’s and O’s as well.

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