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Biyombo Film Study: Development Update

Since I watch every single Bobcats game on NBA league pass, many times I am forced to suffer through listening to the opposing teams broadcast and every night there are a new set of announcers proclaiming how raw Biyombo is- basically finding it comical and to their delight. Hearing this night-after-night (at least when Bobcats are on the road) has inspired me to give the Queen City supporters a little ray of hope and show some of the positive impacts that Biyombo is making on the floor so far- with some negatives sprinkled in as well, because yes, his game is raw to this point.

On another note- Biyombo’s playing time has been very inconsistent and a mystery at best. Biyombo should have seen much more playing time than he has so far this season for a depleted front court with no depth. For whatever reason, Silas hasn’t been an advocate of getting the rookie a significant amount of playing time and experience early on.

Nonetheless, allow us to look at some of the things that Biyombo is struggling at, improving on, and already ahead of the curve with.

The clip below shows an example of Biyombo’s worst of bad habits- leaving his feet on just about every shot fake. Even against smaller guards when he gets matched up on in switches. The rookie needs to learn that his 7’7 wingspan will bother any shot away from the basket enough- the only place he really needs to implement the shot blocking strength is around the rim.

In this clip Biyombo does a good job of getting back defensively in transition, but fails to recognize/communicate with Higgins (also Higgins fault) to make sure that he doesn’t get caught out on perimeter against a smaller and quicker guard. Result- Biyombo easily gets beat off dribble and gives up layup.

Nobody refutes the fact that Biyombo’s offensive skill set is extremely raw, but so far this season he has a decent FG% at 53.5%. He’s slowly becoming better at collecting himself when he possesses the ball in the paint and making a scoring move with his length and the clips below are a testament to that. The hook shot is his go-to and rightfully so. With his ridiculous wingspan not many players in the league will be able to get a hand up to bother his shot, especially if it ever develops into any type of consistent threat.

Biyombo’s strength is shot blocking and protecting the rim. The following clips are what you would consider his best highlights thus far in his career- Biyombo definitely hangs his hat on his ability to block shots. That being said, refer back to what was pointed out earlier about Biyombo leaving his feet in an attempt to block every shot 15+ feet from the basket- He’s got to learn when it’s appropriate for him to leave his feet and when it’s not. Nevertheless, the following clips are certainly the correct play and provide for quite the ‘ooo-ing and ahh-ing’.

The clip below is a perfect example of how long Biyombo’s arms really are- He’s easily beat off dribble, but comes from behind after seemingly being burned to the rim and swats the ball off the backboard and almost into the basket. Bottom line, a great job to recover and make defensive play on ball.