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Bobcats need to bolster front court- potential future suitors

It’s no secret that the Bobcats need help in the front court and there are a few options that they may pursue. One in the short term and the other down the road, but for the long term.

Lou Amundson and Paul Millsap. Two players that are definitely not in the same category when it comes to skill level, but both are PF’s that Charlotte is likely eyeing to beef up the front court. Amundson, who is currently a free agent and still waiting on work to come for next season is a player who the Bobcats could certainly add depth with and afford for one year. Jared Zwerling of ESPN.com New York tweets that Amundson can be had for the mini mid-level deal and that’s well within the Bobcats spending range without going over the tax line- Charlotte has $2.575 million left in cap space. 

Amundson is an extremely active player that is tough on the glass and a great defender for his size. Offensively, he’s very limited- most of Amundson’s damage on the offensive end comes from crashing the offensive glass and garbage baskets due to great effort/energy. He has absolutely no range on the jump shot and basically no jump shot period. Amundson would be a great player to acquire in order for the Bobcats to add depth to the bench and also to bring in a guy who fits the Dunlap mold- high energy, hard worker and an overall high character player for the locker room. The journeyman who’s already played for five teams in six seasons averaged 3.5 PPG & 3.7 RPG in 12 MPG last season with the Pacers.

Now, to the PF who could turn Charlotte into much more of a contender down the road- Paul Millsap. He’s got one season left on his current deal and the Jazz have reportedly been trying to get Millsap to agree to an extension, but he doesn’t seem to be in love with the idea of staying in Utah and will likely test the free agent market instead. It’s pure speculation as of right now, but Millsap seems like one of the free agents that Charlotte may be willing to go all out for. PF is the one position on the Bobcats roster that’s very much up in the air moving forward. Biyombo simply isn’t a true PF as of yet, Tyrus Thomas, well, never mind, and the jury is definitely still out on whether or not Mullens can be a 4. Millsap would give Charlotte an elite PF moving forward and also be able to offer a full max deal if they chose to. I would think that he’s also the type of player that this franchise is looking to add on the roster- very hard worker and another high character player. Make no mistake, Dunlap would approve of the move. Millsap averaged 16.6 PPG & 8.8 RPG last season in Utah.

Again, this is all speculation, but it’s reasonable to think about both Amundson and Millsap being on Charlotte’s roster in the future. Amundson could be signed to a one-year mini mid-level deal for this coming season to add depth (short term fix) and the Bobcats could go all out on Millsap next summer for as big of a deal that they see fit. I’d be very surprised if Charlotte doesn’t bolster the front court somehow before the beginning of next season and Amundson seems like a good fit to fill that role. Millsap would simply be icing on the cake.

Dream on.