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Bobcats targeting Ramon Sessions & Brendan Haywood according to sources

Rick Bonnell of the Chalotte Observer is reporting tonight that the Charlotte Bobcats are interested in unrestricted free agent Ramon Sessions, who was traded to and finished the season with the Los Angeles Lakers. The Bobcats have also expressed interest in Brendan Haywood, who’s currently on the Dallas Mavericks roster. According to Bonnell, Haywood will be waived by the Mavs under the NBA’s new amnesty clause (same way Bobcats could rid of Tyrus/Diop’s remaining contract). The Mavs are reportedly planning on waiving Haywood in order to make room for another FA center- most likely Chris Kaman.

If the Bobcats land Sessions it will certainly shake up this D.J. Augustin situation significantly. For one, it seems that the Bobcats-Pacers deal involving Augustin is stale for the moment, but if Charlotte landed Sessions then it’s likely that the team would rescind Augustin’s qualifying offer and allow him to become a free agent. It’s unsure whether or not Sessions would come in as the Bobcats starting PG. It’s clear that he has much more experience than Kemba Walker, but Dunlap has been able to work with Kemba for weeks now and seems to be grooming him into his PG of the future in an up-tempo style system. I still wouldn’t be surprised to see Sessions come in and take that starting spot.

Haywood, on the other hand, will likely become the Bobcats starting center over Byron Mullens. Haywood is flat out a bigger and more skilled center around the basket. Mullens can no doubt score the basketball, but many of his points come from jump shots away from the basket, off pick-and-pop sets. Mullens might even be better suited as a stretch 4 moving forward.

As for the Antawn Jamison situation, he continues to say that he’s a “few days away” from a final decision, but he was on WFNZ radio today and made it very clear that he definitely wants to play in Charlotte in order to be a positive veteran leader for the young team and be around his family everyday. Rumors scattered across the internet tonight that Cleveland and Brooklyn were working on a possible sign-and-trade that would send Jamison to the Nets. At this point, it’s hard to take the temperature on how serious this is, but it is clear that Jamison is drawing plenty of interest from championship contenders such as Brooklyn, Miami & L.A. Lakers. After listening to the interview Jamison did with WFNZ this morning I still really believe that he’s going to follow the soft spot in his chest and come to Charlotte in order to be closer to his family, but that remains to be determined.

For now, this is what we have for the Bobcats free agency pursuit. Free agents are dropping like flies now and it’s time for the Bobcats front office to start making moves to help this roster. Who knows who will end up in a Bobcats uniform when this is all said and done, but you can be certain that they have to add frontcourt depth.