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Bobcats to face their big brother, the Mavericks

Who: Dallas Mavericks vs Charlotte Bobcats
What: NBA Basketball – Mavericks Home Game
When: 11/10/12 at 7:30pm eastern
Where: Live at Time Warner Cable Arena in CLT

The Matchup: (Stats from 2011-12)

Record Offensive
Dallas 4-2 101.5 (22) 100.1 (8) 93.2 (12)
Charlotte 1-3 93.8 (30) 108.9 (30) 92.4 (19)

11-12 Meetings:
3/15/12 – 101-96 Dallas – Boxscore

Dallas: Dirk Nowitzki – OUT; Shawn Marion – OUT
Charlotte: Gerald Henderson – OUT; Brendan Haywood – DTD

Starting Lineups

Mavericks Bobcats
PG Darren Collison Kemba Walker
SG O.J. Mayo Jeffery Taylor
SF Jae Crowder Michael Kidd-Gilchrist
PF Elton Brand Byron Mullens
C Brandan Wright Brendan Haywood
6th Man Chris Kaman Ben Gordon

3-on-3 TrueHoop NetworkRunning a 2-on-3 today, as the Mavericks come to Charlotte. Does 0-16 become 1-16? Three questions to answer that one.
1. Over/under: 45% on threes for the Mavs?

Spencer: Under. Last night the Mavs were just 28% from behind the arc in Madison Square Garden and you could assume they’ll be better than that tonight. That being said, they’re on the east coast playing a back-to-back and I do believe coach Dunlap makes some adjustments from all the open there’s the Bobcats gave up last night.

Brett: Under. It just feels like team’s are scorching the Bobcats each night, but overall, 3pt% against is just…43%, good for 29th in the league. So, yeah, it’s been bad, but the Dallas game is the only one so far where their opponent shot better than 45%.

2. Who leads the Bobcats in scoring tonight, after Walker, Sessions, Mullens, and Gordon in the first 4 games?

Spencer: After Gordon’s game last night how can I pick against him? He was simply impossible to guard last night and I would expect him to come in and get at least 20 to back it up, regardless the opponent.

Brett: It would be kind of interesting to see the trend of a different leading scorer continue, but it seems unlikely, as now it would be up to someone from the MKG, Tyrus Thomas, Reggie Williams group. And while I think MKG will score 20+ at some point this season, I don’t think that night is tonight. So, I’m going to choose from the Mullens, Sessions, Walker, Gordon quartet – and, to be different from Spencer, say Kemba leads the way.

3. The Mavs rolled against the Cats last weekend. Repeat occurrence or do the Bobcats break the 0-for-Dallas trend?

Spencer: You know, I think the Bobcats break the winless streak against Dallas tonight. Don’t ask me why I think that- I just think Charlotte is one average defensive effort away from getting their second win. So, I’ll say it comes tonight and the Bobcats will have officially defeated every team in the NBA at least once.

Brett: Repeat occurrence – but only that they’ll lose. I don’t think the Bobcats get blown out again. The Mavs won’t make 60% of their threes again, but they’ll score well enough inside, with Kaman, Wright, and Elton Brand to make life difficult for Charlotte.