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Bobcats vs Kings Preview: QCH 2-on-2

Who: Charlotte Bobcats vs Sacramento Kings

What: NBA Basketball – Bobcats Home Game

When: 7:00 PM ET

Where: Live at Time Warner Cable Arena

The Matchup:

Record Offensive
Charlotte 10-29 98.8 (27) 108.3 (29) 94.6 (11)
Sacramento 15-25 101.3 (14) 108.3 (29) 94.6 (11)

Previous Meetings:

Charlotte: Gerald Henderson (Questionable), Byron Mullens (OUT)

Starting Lineups

Bobcats Kings
PG Kemba Walker Aaron Brooks
SG Jeffery Taylor Marcus Thornton
SF Michael Kidd-Gilchrist John Salmons
PF Hakim Warrick Jason Thompson
C Bismack Biyombo DeMarcus Cousins
6th Man Ramon Sessions Isaiah Thomas

3-on-3 TrueHoop Network Tonight, the Bobcats will go for two straight wins for the first time since November 21. Sacramento stumbles into Charlotte tonight on the heels of a season low 69 point outing last night in Memphis. The ‘Cable Box’ will be invaded by approximately 1,000 ‘Bee-lievers‘ tonight who will all be wearing Charlotte Hornets gear and attempting to support the idea of the city regaining the Hornets as the team name. Keep an eye out for that tonight if you’re going to be at the Arena and dare I say support the cause.

1- STATS: Charlotte scored 106 points, shot 47% from the field and got to the foul stripe 38 times last night. Sacramento scored 69 points, shot 34% and shot 15 free throws last night. Will there be a direct correlation in last night’s numbers with tonight? Why or why not?

Spencer: No. The Kings were playing the Grizzlies last night — a very disciplined defensive unit with a huge frontline featuring Zach Randolph and Maurice Speights (last night, at least). The Bobcats do not have that duo. Sacramento will have a much better offensive game tonight simply due to their opponent, but the defensive end of the floor is also where the Cats are going to have to win this game. Realizing that a disciplined/energetic attack, defensively, against Sacramento will lure them into taking tons of bad shots — that’s just what the Kings do. Close out on 3-point shooters, the Kings are not scared to fire away.

Jeff: I was surprised by the numbers the Kings put up last night. Sacramento actually ranks 13th in the league on offense, putting up 97 points per game. They were playing a tough Memphis team last night who have a chip on their shoulder, skidding after their hot start. As far as offense and defense goes, the Kings and Cats are very similar. The Cats put up 95 points per game, but both teams struggle defensively. Both teams are giving up 103 points per game, earning a 27th and 29th rank in the league, respectively. The key for tonight’s game is who plays better defense. With Kemba coming off a big game, and the Cats going for their 11th and first back-to-back win, there is some motivation to pull out a big win at home tonight.

2- OPINION: This will be the last game that the Sacramento Kings will ever play a game in Charlotte?

Spencer: Seems as if there is nothing at this point that will keep the Kings in Sacramento. The Maloofs are obviously in serious discussions with a Seattle based group to sell the team and I can’t imagine that a better offer will come along that would involve someone investing to keep the team in Sacramento — that being said, the Maloof brothers, who are in big time debt, want to still have a say in the team and still sell them for $500 million. That’s could be a deal-breaker. It’s sad, considering the loyalty that Sacramento has shown to this team and their willingness to do just about anything to keep them there. Charlotte fans have walked this tight rope before with George Shinn, who basically moved the Hornets to New Orleans overnight. It’s unfortunate, but reminds us all that this is a business and small market franchises can be a ‘fly by night’ deal sometimes.

Jeff: Well it is looking more and more that the Maloofs continue to fail as owners, if they haven’t already. The team is in turmoil and we have a mini saga on our hands. With no new deal for an arena, and continued battles with Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson, I expect to see the Kings moving to Seattle. Whether they keep the same name or not, it will be the last time for a long time we see a Sacramento basketball team come to town.

3- PICK IT: Are the Bobcats really about to make it two in a row, or will the Kings demote the Cats back to their losing ways?

Spencer: Bobcats 105-103 tonight. Should be an up-tempo affair with both teams looking to push the rock as much as possible. It’s Saturday night, Charlotte’s going for two-in-a-row and TWC Arena is going to be infested by ‘Bee-lievers’. If you ask me, if there is such a thing for this organization — that’s a winning combination.

Jeff: Well, the Cats are thin in the front court and Demarcus Cousins is coming to town. However, the Cats got into a groove last night which I think will carry over in tonight’s game. With a chance to finally earn back-to-back wins, the Cats find a way to get it done tonight. Expect a high scoring, flashy game. Cats win 110-99.