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Bobcats vs. Magic 3-on-3 Preview

Who: Charlotte Bobcats vs Orlando Magic

What: NBA Basketball – Bobcats Home Game

When: 3/6/2012 at 7pm

Where: Live at Time Warner Cable Arena

TV: Fox Sports South

The Matchup:

Record Offensive
Charlotte 4-31 93.1 (30) 108.7 (29) 92.8 (17)
Orlando 25-14 103.0 (10) 100.1 (13) 90.6 (29)

Previous Meetings:
12/30/2011 – 100-79 Orlando – RecapBoxscore

01/17/2012 – 96-89 Orlando – RecapBoxscore

Charlotte: Reggie Williams – DTD, Bismack Biyombo – DTD
Orlando: Quentin Richardson – Questionable

Starting Lineups

Bobcats Magic
PG D.J. Augustin Jameer Nelson
SG Gerald Henderson Jason Richardson
SF Corey Maggette Hedo Turkoglu
PF Boris Diaw Ryan Anderson
C Gana Diop Dwight Howard
6th Man Kemba Walker J.J. Redick

3-on-3 TrueHoop NetworkAnd now let’s ask our QCH panel some of the questions that will headline tonight’s game.

1- FACT or FICTION. Assuming that Bismack Biyombo returns tonight- Biyombo will continue his impressive play against Dwight Howard tonight and post his second straight double-double vs. the league’s best center. On January 17th in Orlando, Biyombo had 11 points and 10 rebounds in only 21 minutes of action.

Brett Hainline: FICTION.  Just playing the odds here.  Bismack has been very up and down this season, even when considering his minutes.  Dwight is also likely to remember Bismack’s previous performance and comments.

Mathew Lewis: FICTION. Coupling your first game back from injury with the duty of defending Dwight Howard is not exactly a recipe for success. Don’t expect the same performance out of Biyombo tonight.

Spencer Percy: FACT. Solely because I believe Biyombo gets up so much more when he gets a chance to go against Howard. Howard isn’t the biggest Biyombo fan either, which I was able to learn first hand from Howard. Well, lets just say Howard doesn’t appreciate being asked how a rookie was able to be somewhat effective against him defensively. http://queencityhoops.com/blog/2012/01/03/biyombos-physicality-and-progression-d-howard-offers-thoughts/

2- OPINION. Since returning to the lineup three games ago, Gerald Henderson has shot 42% (16-38) from the field and averaged 12 PPG. This is exactly what we should have expected, or is Henderson wildly underachieving in a lineup where he should be the go-to guy?

Brett Hainline: Meh.  He’s about where I’d expect him to be, with a couple fewer free throw attempts than hoped for.  He’s averaging about 15 per game for the season, in just a couple more minutes.

Mathew Lewis: Underachieving slightly, but not to the degree that it has you raising your eyebrows. Henderson was out for awhile due to injury, so it’s understandable his rhythm and in turn production have been off just a bit.

Spencer Percy: Underachieving. Hendo needs to find a way to mix it up more on a nightly basis offensively. Some nights he seems to only want mid-range jumpers and other night’s he seems to mostly go to the rim- needs better balance.

3- STRATEGY. Double down on Dwight Howard when he catches it in the post, or let Biyombo bang with him alone and guard the rest of the shooters that Orlando spaces the floor with? In the two meetings this season Orlando has been 38% (19-50) from behind the arc against Charlotte.

Brett Hainline: Single coverage against Dwight – Gana Diop has the bulk to hold him out of the post, and Bismack and Byron Mullens have another 12 fouls between them.  Make him earn the points at the free throw line – it’s better than giving up threes.

Mathew Lewis: Let Biyombo bang with Dwight. Although Howard is the best center in the NBA, the majority of his production comes in ways other than when he is posting up with his back to the basket. I would take my chances when he gets the ball in the post versus doubling and allowing the likes of Anderson, Redick, and Turkoglu to take open threes.

Spencer Percy: Have to just let Biyombo/Diop/Mullens go against Howard solo. Not only helping on Howard, but the Bobcats have to be careful with how much help defense they play against Orlando in general- the Magic space the floor like no other team in the league.