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Bobcats will pick #2 overall; How to weather the storm

This certainly isn’t how any of us saw it playing out in our perfect little worlds, but now the lingering doubt has reared it ugly face as the Bobcats miss out on Anthony Davis and the number one overall selection in this summer’s NBA draft.

You will read article-after-article about how the Bobcats are now set back 5+ years because of the lottery result tonight and I can’t say I’d necessarily disagree with any of them, but the fact is that Rich Cho, Michael Jordan and the Bobcats organization must find a player to make this team better NOW…with the number two selection.

It’s going to take commitment from the front office.

There are options here. The Bobcats don’t even have to necessarily use the pick- trading it is always an option and the possibility of this will be thrown around in the next month. Trading the pick is an interesting topic, but for now it doesn’t seem like this pick carries a whole lot of value. Of course all of that could change in the next month between draft workouts/combines.

I have played this scenario over in my head many times and gone on record saying I thought the Bobcats would take Thomas Robinson if they were to be stuck at number two. #mce_temp_url#

Since then, I have changed my stance and now believe Charlotte’s best fit would be Bradley Beal from Florida. This team needs a guy that can score in more ways than one more than any other need on the roster. Sure, they need everything and that’s well documented, but until any team can put the ball in the hoop, or at least count on someone to create a shot for themselves on a regular basis how can you serious expect to compete? Beal is a guy who can score around the basket and also isn’t afraid to go after rebounds on a regular basis. At only 6’5, Beal averaged 6.7 RPG last season at Florida. He only shot 34% from behind the arc, which was surprising considering he was drawing comparisons to Ray Allen out of high school, but the kid can shoot and no GM in this league is going to deny that ability in Beal.

This is a frustrated post that is full of forced optimism, but don’t let the broken lottery system bring you to your knees and proclaim this franchise dead. Everyone may project that Anthony Davis is the only sure thing in this draft, but nobody knows for sure and at the end of the day that’s what this front office must focus on.

Tonight may have denied the Bobcats the luxury of picking the first player in the 2012 NBA draft, but it didn’t necessarily deny them from drafting a franchise changing player. The Hornets will count on Anthony Davis to bring them a fabulous return in their investment and the Bobcats will do the exact same thing with whoever they select at number two. When we all go to sleep tonight that’s all we know for sure, but remember this- no one knows what the future of this draft will hold.