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Bobcats working out ex-Wake Forest baller Josh Howard

Rod Higgins, president of basketball operations for the Bobcats, confirmed today that Josh Howard will be doing some workouts with the team this week.

Josh Howard’s career has been nothing short of controversial as he’s admitted to smoking marajuana in the off-season and also stated that it shouldn’t be a secret that many NBA players do. That may be very true, but to come out and say it on the radio is a completely different issue in itself. Howard’s character and coach-ability has also been questioned throughout his career. That being said, Josh Howard is a 6’7 combo forward that can do a little bit of everything and can be a multi-dimensional scorer. Howard has made one all-star appearance in his NBA career in 2007 and also carries a very respectable 14.5 career scoring average. In other words, there’s no doubt that he can be a contributor anywhere when in shape and in the correct mindset.

For the Bobcats, I’m not really sure where Howard fits in. He would be thrown into a mix of SF’s like Kidd-Gilchrist, Williams, Taylor & Henderson (potentially). The contrary to that is that Charlotte would use Howard more at the PF position, which for one, doesn’t make sense considering he’s far from a true PF, and two, he’s thrown into another group of positional question marks such as Biyombo, Mullens & Tyrus. Long story short, I just don’t know where Howard would fit into the Bobcats lineup if they plan on getting the youth lots of playing time.

Again, the seriousness of all of this is still to be determined. I hope it doesn’t lead to anything, but a current Bobcat named Gana Diop would beg to differ- see tweet below.