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Praise for some Bobcats in Orlando

Zach Harper has been following the proceedings down in Orlando – and weighs in with a mammoth post on the happenings: Orlando Summer League Rookie Report. While the title specifies rookies, a few “veteran” Bobcats get mention:

Derrick Brown/Gerald Henderson combo: This should be outlawed for Summer League. These guys are clearly too advanced to be here.

The Bobcat rookies of last year get a paragraph devoted to them and how solid they looked – good to hear. Alexis Ajinca gets his own paragraph as well – it is not as positive but does note that there is some potential gleaming through: “He’s still a project but no longer horrendous.” Yes, Bobcats fans – that is what the Bobcats have to show for giving up their pick in the draft that just occurred – the Ajinca Era: Good times.

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