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BOOM: 60/30: No. 27, Time Warner Cable Arena | The Basketball Jones

As Andrew Unterberger has toured the country (and Canada for a stop), he has been presenting a very interesting look at the places NBA teams play – and it was recently Charlotte’s turn. I was disappointed to not be able to be in town for that one to have a chance to talk to Andrew – but you should definitely go read his post about The Cablebox.

So here’s my idea: When you know you have one of these games coming up, announce day-of that tonight is going to be a special, intimate evening of basketball, and present the game more like a theater piece than a pro hoops contest. Cut out all the music and PA hype, discourage fan chatter and hold applause until quarter breaks (like theatrical intermissions) maybe dim the lights a little, and give attendees the unique experience of a basketball game without all the modern-day bells and whistles. NBA Unplugged, if you will. Wouldn’t that be kind of cool?

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