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BOOM: NBA Playbook – What Was That Jump Ball Nonsense In Charlotte All About

First off, how hilarious is it that Stephen Jackson was trying to direct Wes Johnson, and Wes Johnson started to listen to him. Second off, it seems that Johnson and Wallace are battling for that position closest to Tyrus Thomas look at how animated coach Rambis gets when trying to instruct Johnson to take that spot. But why is it so important? Well, the way that the players positioned dictates where the man taking the tap will try to go with the basketball.

via NBA Playbook – A Look At The Playcalling In The NBA Through Videos, Pictures, & Words » What Was That Jump Ball Nonsense In Charlotte All About.

A great look at what could have been a pivotal moment – sure, it wound up not mattering because of the missing free throws by the Wolves – but interesting to consider the thought process.