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Boris Diaw buy out complete: Reactions

Yesterday, the Bobcats finally cut ties with Boris Diaw and agreed to buy out the remainder of his contract. The buy out agreement between Diaw and the team will save Charlotte some money from the $9 million that Boris was owed this year due to the player option clause in his contract. The amount of money saved is unknown.

Diaw played 258 consecutive games for the Bobcats at one time and most of them as a starter. The once beloved Diaw, in Charlotte, has come completely unglued with this franchise in the last two seasons. Most of the reason is thought to lie in the hands of Coach Silas’ and Diaw’s relationship, which was rocky, at best.

Silas’ comments on Diaw just weeks ago- “I think if he would have played all out, the way he should have, it would have been a much, much better club.”

Coach Silas also noted the fact that he needed Diaw to be a scorer for this team and when he wasn’t scoring the ball it became “disturbing”.

Make of it all what you will, but everyone always knew that Boris wasn’t the kind of guy that was ever going to leave his guts on the floor on a nightly basis. Problem is, that’s exactly what Silas wants out of his players- essentially, Diaw’s unwillingness to be offensively aggressive, on top of his overall passive behavior, tore the two apart.

Boris Diaw did plenty of good things for the Bobcats franchise and played a vital role on the Larry Brown team that finished 7th in the east and made Charlotte’s first ever playoff appearance- Diaw averaged 11 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assist per game in 09-10. With all of this being said, the bottom line is that Diaw quit- he made the decision to give the poor effort that he did this season and eventually force the Bobcats hand to let him get out of town, save some of their money and allow him to play for a contender before his contract ran dry.

All together, a fairly solid body of work for Boris in his tenure as a Bobcat, but he left a bad impression on most in Charlotte with his last two seasons.

Quote of the day on Boris and the buy out:

Matt Scott‏ @MattyNice21
@QCsportscrave was there a clause in the buyout to buy him two seats on the plane out of Charlotte?? #wouldyouliketobiggysize #byebyeBoris