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Boris Diaw Previewed for 2011-12

Boris Diaw’s Strengths

  • On the ball defense, Boris is solid, with a 6 in PER allowed (relative to expected), 6 in True Shooting Percentage allowed, and an 8 in Points allowed per opponent possession.
  • While Boris does not shoot much, he scores at a decent efficiency (55.8% TS%), due to his ability to make threes, but…

Boris Diaw’s Weaknesses

  • Boris wound up a 4 in efficiency due to his over high turnover ways, where he was a 1 (with a turnover rate of 16.8)
  • Rebounding – at both ends of the court, Boris was a 1.  This was a factor in his below average team defense mark


  • Boris will continue to get minutes, especially now that Kwame Brown has signed with Golden State.  Boris is being looked at as the starting 5 by Paul Silas going into the season.
  • With Stephen Jackson and Gerald Wallace gone, Boris has an opportunity to retake the point forward role he has played previously (his year in Phoenix when Amare was out, and again when he first came to Charlotte).  An engaged and active Boris can put up 14 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists a night – last year saw Boris at 11, 5 and 4.  I hope for one and expect the other.

Thoughts from Spencer

  • Word on the street was that Boris shed some weight in the off-season and is looking as good as he has in awhile. Whether he has or hasn’t, expect an increase in production from Boris this season due to the extremely thin depth at center and lack of scoring this team has.
  • With Kwame signing with Golden State, Paul Silas has declared that Boris would be the starting 5 if the season started today and if he’s in better shape then that could play right into the up-tempo style Silas wants to implement.
  • The Bobcats will surely explore signing another center before the season begins, but Boris may have to start the season here. Boris will likely be exposed defensively against bigger and stronger 5’s, he’s not a good rebounder, and could just get flat out bullied trying to anchor the paint defensively for the Bobcats.
  • On the contrary, and trying to reiterate what I was pointing out earlier, if Boris is in better shape then he will help the Bobcats to run the floor in Silas’s up-tempo system and hopefully get many transition baskets.
  • Offensively, Boris can also be a asset down low for the Bobcats because of the fact that he’s such a good passer and will be able to skip/reverse the basketball from the block to find open shooters on the outside.

Thoughts from Mathew

  • As Brett touched upon, Boris is a relatively solid on the ball defender; however, the majority of his defensive matchups have been against 3’s and 4’s over the past handful of seasons. With Kwame now in Golden State, Boris will definitely see his time at the 5 increase. Although I don’t see this as a problem on the offensive end, this could very well spell problems for him on defense.
  • Boris struggles on the glass and will be looking up at his opposition on the majority of nights. Here’s to hoping Dwight gets traded so the Bobcats only see him once or twice this season.
  • To end on a positive note, I am excited to see Boris take on the role of point forward with more regularity this season. Some guys simply play better and get into the flow of the game quicker with the ball in their hands. Juxtaposing Boris’ season spent handling the ball in Phoenix and his time in Charlotte off of it, I think we can come to the conclusion that he resides in this camp.
  • The optimist in me says 12 PPG, 7 APG, and 6 RPG and somewhat of a rebirth for Diaw.