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Boris Diaw: Season Report Card

PER PER Against (Net)
Boris Diaw 10.82 18.01 (-2.05)

Strengths: A capable defender of forwards and centers and a more than willing passer who creates good looks for his teammates, Boris also has a decent post game and range out to the three point line on offense. A highly skilled player capable of posting a triple double each game out…
Weaknesses: If he cared. Boris came into this season very heavy – he had been gaining weight each season in Charlotte, and by this year, he looked doughy and was regarded as the player who had perhaps gained the most weight during the lockout (despite playing some for his own pro team in France). Boris started the season with a couple of strong games, and then went largely ultra-passive, with his field goal attempts the lowest they’ve been in Charlotte, despite the team needing him to do more, not less. He continued to look for teammates, to a fault, forcing passes and making turnovers.
Reasons for Optimism:
This is what Boris used to look like:

Reasons for Pessimism:
But this is what he looked like for the Bobcats this year:

Forecast: Bobcats’ fans no longer have to be tormented by Boris’ up and down play – the team bought out his contract, so he is now playing for the Spurs in their championship chase. Boris’ is able to play the way he wants there, rebounding, passing, and shooting rarely. For the league’s worst offense, the Bobcats could not afford to have one of their most skilled players deferring so frequently, the reason Boris fell out of favor with Paul Silas and ultimately was let go. He’ll be someone else’s headache next year, and I wish them luck.

Final thought – the grade at the top is the average grade Boris received in our game recaps. But, based on the final outcome and the reasons for it (his passive play, conditioning, etc), I would say Boris earned an: