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Season Review

  • The Closing Narrative: QCH 3-on-3 panel reflect on Hornets season

    By Spencer Percy on May 13, 2016
    It was filled with far more ups than downs, and certainly more ups than any of the experts anticipated for the Hornets this season. 48 wins would have been a laughable prediction at the beginning of the season, but Charlotte grew in most of the right areas and exceeded all expectations. Kemba Walker easily had the best season of his […]
  • ’14-15 Season Report Card: Jeffery Taylor

    By LamarMatic on May 25, 2015
    PER: 8.26 PER Against (Net): 20.30 (-12.04) If certain wings can be called “3-and-D” specialists then Jeff Taylor strives to be one, yet ends up being a “D-and-no-3″ player. His career path has been a strange one so far. Taylor’s play reminded you of a player who lacks confidence even before his Achilles tear in 2013 or his 2014 off-court problems. It’s weird since […]
  • ’14-15 Season Report Card: Cody Zeller

    By LamarMatic on May 22, 2015
    PER: 14.20 PER Against (Net): 14.60 (-0.4) Cody Zeller would have been a subtle contender for a grade of “B+” earlier in the season before injuries and a shooting slump somewhat side-tracked his year. Zeller taking Marvin Williams’s starting power forward spot is a huge reason why we improved on defense and as a team on the whole, even if Henderson replacing Stephenson and Kidd-Gilchrist missing much of the […]
  • ’14-15 Season Report Card: P.J. Hairston

    By John Michael Griffith on May 20, 2015
    PER: 9.0 PER Against (Net): 14.40 (-5.4) The Rookie campaign for P.J. Hairston was fairly typical for a first year player in a Steve Clifford coached system. The minutes were inconsistent, the play was the same, and overall the expected rookie struggles were present. P.J. has not done himself any favors off the court in the eyes of the fan-base. Red flags have […]
  • ’14-15 Season Report Card: Al Jefferson

    By Michael Kaskey-Blomain on May 15, 2015
    PER: 19.75 PER Against (Net): 16.85 (+2.9) Al Jefferson has had better seasons. Injury issues forced the big bruiser to miss 17 games in the 2014-15 campaign, and, to the largest extent since he has been in Charlotte, Al showed his mortality. Coming off of a season in which he was named Third-Team All NBA, his 16.6 points per game this year were […]
  • ’14-15 Season Report Card: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

    By John Michael Griffith on May 14, 2015
    PER: 15.14 PER Against (Net): 11.44 (+3.7) Michael Kidd-Gilchrist entered the ’14-15 campaign with high expectations from himself and the Hornets fan-base alike.  Although injuries hampered MKG at times, he established his identity as a true defensive specialist.  Rich Cho even had praise for Kidd-Gilchrist saying “MKG was probably our most improved player.  We were roughly .500 when he played with us and […]
  • ’14-15 Season Report Card: Marvin Williams

    By Greg Pietras on May 12, 2015
    PER: 11.79 PER Against (Net): 16.0 (-4.2) Strengths: Fair or not, it makes sense to judge Williams against Josh McRoberts’ contributions last year. The idea, at least, was that Marvin would replicate Josh’s shooting, rebounding and versatile defense, while Lance Stephenson would take over as the team’s secondary ballhandler and passer. So, how good of a McRoberts impersonation did Marvin do? Not bad: Granted, it was […]
  • ’14-15 Season Report Card: Gerald Henderson

    By Spencer Percy on May 7, 2015
    PER: 13.29 PER Against (Net): 10.19 (+3.1)   To opt-in, or to opt-out? This is the question that Gerald Henderson will be facing this summer. Most signs point towards him being back in a Hornets uniform next season. For one, Hendo likely isn’t going to surpass $6-million (his contract total for next season if he opts-in) on the open market. By opting-in […]
  • ’14-15 Season Report Card: Bismack Biyombo

    By John Michael Griffith on May 5, 2015
    PER: 15.20 PER Against (Net): 14.40 (+0.8) NBA Draft night 2011, as David Stern strolls onto the stage, a Sacramento Kings logo flashes on the screen behind the podium.  “With the 7th pick in the 2011 NBA draft, The Sacramento Kings select Bismack Biyombo from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.” Now we all know how this story ends, and that is […]
  • ’14-’15 Season Report Card: Lance Stephenson

    By Greg Pietras on April 30, 2015
    PER: 8.8 PER Against (Net): 13.3 (-4.5)   ~~Spoiler Warning~~: This will not be an upbeat review. Lance was bad. But before we bury his awful season, let’s let him off the hook a little: Lance wasn’t really to blame for how this year went. Would Stephenson being any good have helped? Sure, yes, of course. But his sudden, unexpected implosion is just one bullet point on […]