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Season Review

  • ’14-15 Season Report Card: Noah Vonleh

    By Spencer Percy on April 28, 2015
    PER: 13.20 PER Against (Net): 12.90 (+.30)   When the sports hernia injury plagued his rookie campaign before it really even began most should have understood that this was going to be a slow development year for Vonleh, at the very most. The injury would go onto keep Vonleh out for the entirety of training camp, and even if he was healthy […]
  • ’14-15 Season Report Card: Mo Williams

    By Michael Kaskey-Blomain on April 25, 2015
    PER: 15.48 PER Against (Net): 15.00 (+.48)   The move to acquire Mo Williams halfway through the 2014-15 season was one made out of necessity. The Hornets lost their starting point guard and go-to scorer, Kemba Walker, right in the midst of a tight Eastern Conference playoff push, and without a legitimate full-time fill-in on the roster things looked grim. Enter: Mo […]
  • ’14-15 Season Report Card: Kemba Walker

    By Spencer Percy on April 23, 2015
    PER: 17.66 PER Against (Net): 15.76 (+1.9)   For an undersized scoring guard you can argue that Kemba Walker has ended up being a really nice NBA player in his four-year career, but there is something glaring missing. Ah, the ability to be a winning point-guard in this league. Some of that falls on Kemba and some falls on the front-office for […]
  • Cho’s Foresight, Fortune Have Hornets Set for Success

    By Staff on July 27, 2014
      Rich Cho’s savvy moves have the Hornets moving in the right direction. 
  • Season Report Card ’13-14: Al Jefferson

    By Dakota Schmidt on May 28, 2014
      PER PER Against (Net) Al Jefferson 24.5 17.4 (+7.1) While there’s usually an influx of uncertainty that surrounds a high-priced free agent signing in the NBA, that level of skepticism was escalated when the Bobcats signed veteran Al Jefferson to a three-year deal. Despite the fact that the move marked a potential change in the overall landscape of the […]
  • Season Report Card ’13-14: Cody Zeller

    By 027z77857029 on May 26, 2014
    C- PER PER Against (Net) Cody Zeller 14.1 14.8 (-0.7) Strengths: The grade is more for the improvement and persistence he showed throughout a season that saw him tentative at first but strong to finish. Zeller stayed aggressive all season despite the ups and downs of an NBA rookie campaign. He carved out a role on an NBA playoff team as […]
  • Season Report Card ’13-14: Gary Neal

    By Greg Pietras on May 23, 2014
    PER PER Against (Net) Luke Ridnour 14.9 18.1 (-3.2) Strengths: In his time with the Bobcats, Gary Neal lived up to his billing — he was a very good spark off the bench, bringing excellent three-point shooting and versatile scoring. He joined the team just as it was starting to peak after the All-Star break, and helped push them to greater […]
  • Season Report Card ’13-14: Luke Ridnour

    By Brett on May 22, 2014
    PER PER Against (Net) Luke Ridnour 9.0 22.7 (-13.7) Strengths: Luke Ridnour joined the Bobcats as part of the mid-season trade with Milwaukee, which sent Jeff Adrien and Ramon Sessions out, and returned Luke and Gary Neal. The idea was to add some long-range shooting to the Bobcats, to help spread the court around Al Jefferson’s post ups and Kemba’s drives. […]
  • Season Report Card ’13-14: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

    By Greg Pietras on May 21, 2014
    PER PER Against (Net) Michael Kidd-Gilchrist 12.8 11.1 (1.7) Writing a season recap for Kidd-Gilchrist almost feels redundant. As a second-year player taken No. 2 in a loaded draft, his development was under the microscope all year. Every game was a referendum: He shut down Carmelo! He got lit up by Carmelo! LeBron scored 61 points! He dropped 22 on […]
  • Season Report Card ’13-14: Chris Douglas-Roberts

    By Spencer Percy on May 20, 2014
    PER PER Against (Net) Chris Douglas-Roberts 13.1 10.0 (+3.1) Strengths: He burst onto the scene with Charlotte this season much like Josh McRoberts surprise emergence last season. At the point that this team realized it could very realistically be a playoff team, the need for a guy that could come in and give you offensive production immediately next to Kemba […]