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Reggie Williams: Season Report Card

PER PER Against (Net) Reggie Williams 12.41 14.06 (-1.85)

Strengths: Williams was signed to a two-year deal last summer to come in and be a 3-point specialist- a player that could stretch the floor on the offensive end and knock down open shots. Unfortunately, for Williams and the Bobcats, he [...]

Byron Mullens: Season Report Card

PER PER Against (Net) Byron Mullens 13.02 18.66 (-3.46)

Strengths: Byron Mullens started the season off on an offensive hot streak that had the internet lauding the Bobcats savvy acquisition.  Byron showed a good looking jumper out to just short of the three-point line.  In part because of his offensive [...]

Derrick Brown: Season Report Card

PER PER Against (Net) Derrick Brown 14.83 14.03 (-1.24)

Strengths: Brown is an athletic wing who uses his quickness and agility to score efficiently, leading the Bobcats with a True Shooting Percentage of 55.6%. He is also a strong offensive rebounder for a wing, which allows him to create easy [...]

Matt Carroll: Season Report Card

PER PER Against (Net) DeSagna Diop 5.34 14.61 (-2.08)

Strengths:Carroll has spent most of his NBA career with the Bobcats and has been a consistent role player, shooting some key threes both this season and in seasons past. With its ever fluctuating roster, the Bobcats have needed a seasoned player like Carroll. [...]

DeSagna Diop: Season Report Card

PER PER Against (Net) DeSagna Diop 6.95 21.82 (-4.65)

Strengths: Diop provided Charlotte with a bigger body when the team faced physically imposing centers such as Dwight Howard. His only real worth was to go in games and try to slow down the opposing team’s front line by [...]

Everyone deserves a second chance: Dissecting Dante Cunningham

On Tuesday Dante Cunningham was relieved of his marijuana, paraphernalia and pellet gun charges that he was given in a small town (Randor, PA) outside of Philidelphia back in May. Cunningham was pulled over for reckless driving by police, when they claimed that they smelled marijuana coming from the vehicle. After the police were [...]

Corey Maggette: A closer look

Just hours before the draft this past June, the Bobcats landed Corey Maggette in a trade with Milwaukee. In the last second deal, Charlotte had received the 7th overall pick from the Bucks (Bismack Biyombo) and Corey Maggette, giving up, in the process, Stephen Jackson, Shaun Livingston and the 19th overall pick. When all [...]

A Kwame Brown resurgence?

 Although Kwame Brown will always go down in the debate as one of the worst  number one overall picks of all time, he is coming off his most productive season in  the league since the 05-06 season. For Kwame, the bottom line is that in Charlotte he is the starting center and will be a player that [...]