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Charlotte Bobcats are on your internet – Midseason Review

A few articles from around the web as the Bobcats enjoy some down time. The Bobcats return to the court Wednesday, so we’ll have some more thoughts on the season to this point prior.


11/26/2011 — The Lockout ends, we all rejoice! Yay basketball!

12/14/2011 — Bobcats sign Reggie Williams, hooray!

12/19/2011 — Biyombo’s Fuenlabrada contract bought out, free to play in NBA to the surprise of many.

12/26/2011 — The Bobcats’ season begins with a surprising and thrilling win over the Bucks on the strong play of Boris Diaw

12/28/2011 — The Heat narrowly defeat the Bobcats by one point. I begin to be concerned that the team could lose its lottery pick by somehow beating the odds and making the playoffs

via Midseason in Charlotte – Rufus on Fire | Ben Swanson.

(H)ere is my mid-season theory of the Bobcats that explains nothing and is totally worthless. For no particular reason, I’ve listed the players in order of minutes played (minimum of 300—even I have a life):

Kemba Walker (934 minutes). Can you believe he’s played the most of anyone this year? If nothing else, the kid’s a gamer. His PER has crept up over 15, but his assists ratio is a pass-the-vomit-bag 50th in the league amongst PG’s and his shooting accuracy is comparable to Dick Cheney’s. If he can learn to drive and dish that would solve a lot. But telling a PG he can improve by driving and dishing more would be the type of advice Easterbrook would give.

via Bobcats Midseason Recap: A Look Back in Horror | Bobcats Planet | Blogcat.

I’d like to get behind the campaign to bring Hornets back to Charlotte. Hornets fits New Orleans no better than Jazz fits Utah or Lakers fits Los Angeles.

But I’d be faking it. The only change that will move me next season is if I see DAVIS on a Charlotte uniform. Anthony Davis, who plays for Kentucky, could be a transcendent pro.

via Charlotte’s NBA team, by any name, needs to win | CharlotteObserver.com & The Charlotte Observer Newspaper | Tom Sorenson.

Q: Tyrus Thomas is your largest financial commitment going forward among player contracts. He’s not a starter and he’s not separated himself from D.J. White as your top backup at power forward. What do you think is going on with him, and do you regret giving him that big contract?

Higgins: When we traded for Tyrus two years ago, that’s when we were making our playoff run. We made the trade with Chicago, trading a (future) first-round pick for him. Tyrus being a (former) No. 4 overall pick in the draft.

He played the rest of that season, and the following season he started out pretty well – averaging about 10 points and six boards coming off the bench. He came back from surgery six weeks later and he gained some weight. Physically he wasn’t able to finish the season, so he shut it back down. This past summer, nobody (from the team) really saw him because of the lockout. So Tyrus comes back physically looking totally different. He’s not playing the same and he’s probably lost 15 pounds.

via Transcript of Observer interview with Bobcats executives Rod Higgins and Rich Cho | CharlotteObserver.com & The Charlotte Observer Newspaper.

Article version of the previous entry, which was the interview transcript:

Charlotte Bobcats’ president Rod Higgins: No panic moves | CharlotteObserver.com & The Charlotte Observer Newspaper.